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Thread: iWatchz

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    So I just got my package in from UPS and decided to do a review on the iWatchz
    First off i bought mine from bestbuy online. It ran me 30 bucks ruffly with shipping.
    Apple,Target,Walmart,and bestbuy all have them on there website and we should see them in most of the stores too. Instore they are 24.99 Plus tax

    OKay not that pricing is out of the way lets get to the watch. I was a little worried about the band fitting my wrist i am a pretty skinny dude and usually i cant find plastic bands the fit snuggly on my wrist but every where that i read they had very good reviews so i wanted to check it out. I ordered the black band but it comes in about 8 different colors i believe to fit your style. Or if you want to match with your outfit you could order them all i guess,but anyways.

    First looks at box it was well packaged and showed it off quite nicely.

    Opening the box there isnt really anything in there except for the iWatchz its self. ]
    On the back of the pull out there is instructions on how to but the ipod nano into the iwatch band.

    Its pretty easy to install it just clips right in and you hear a little snap to know that its secured.
    The band on it isnt cheap feels good on the wrist.All the buttons and plugins are easy to get too. Also the bands do have a spring loaded clip so it looks as if you could put ( for example) a leather strap or something else on it if you wish. The only other step then clipping the nano on was going into the settings and changing the clock setting to show when you wake it from sleep.
    All in all very good product would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cool way of carrying there nano.

    Now for some more pics

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    Great review , nice product

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    Thank you it's for sale

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    I have this one too.. however, i decided to make a much better one.. check out my prototype.. it's a 3d printed 6th gen nano watch band with earbud organizer and bottle opener

    3d printed 6th gen nano watch band w/ earphone organizer and bottle opener Ultimate iwatch

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    Yes ,nice kind of accessory and have liked the same,

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