Why aren't people talking about the solar surge for the ipod touch?
Well I guess I will tell you all about it. I bought a solar surge a month ago from novothink. I love this thing, you can charge either by sun or INDOOR lighting, I was really happy when I found out that it charges indoors in artificial light. It also has the ability to charge at the same time when it is syncing to the computer. And the earplug can be plugged in without any problems.
I really like that I can just slide my ipod touch into the charger and then slide it into my pocket and go. It is very portable and durable.

Now about the technology side, it has the solar panel on the back side of the charger, and it is very glossy and clean looking. It also has the LED charging level signals and lets you know when it is low on battery life. And when the ipod touch needs juice the solar charger automatically knows and when it is done, it stops the solar from over charging the ipod touch which keeps the ipod touch from overheating, because it has a thermal sensor and battery level sensor.

I personally recommend this product...I wish I could afford the iphone because they also sell it for the iphones. You can purchase the solar surge from livecofriendly.com