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Thread: iGo Charge Anywhere

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    Default iGo Charge Anywhere
    Anyone have any experience with this device or with this company? It looks like a pretty decent product, and Radio Shack has started to stock these. I'm looking for a way to extend my battery life for my iPhone 3GS while on a plane or a long trip.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Never heard of it. Sounds weird.
    I was looking at a new battery pack for my iPod touch becuase my POS kensington overheated and died on me last night and I found some new ones other than the ones I already had heard of (richardsolo, FastMac, Miccus Chargeblock, Kensington etc...)
    The new one is from energizer or XPAL power depending on whose site you go to but they have a bunch of different ones from XP600 (600 mAh @ 5v or 3Watt-hours)
    XP8000-40Wh (can also charge a netbook/laptop in addition to cell phones and USB devices on the previous ones.
    XP 18000-90Wh (HUGE like 7"x3"x1", and powers laptops and all hte previous)
    In comparison the ipod touch 2g has a battery capacity of 2.775 Wh and the iPhone 3Gs has a capacity of about 4.5 Wh.
    The batteries I listed look OK (although I havent used one yet, I'm planning on getting the 8000) and the 4001 should be able to charge your iPhone a maximum of 4 times per charge. In real life it would be less b/c of heat loss and transformers and converters and such but it would still be my pick.

    No I do not work for XPAL/energizer, :P
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    I also like the XP 8000, but does the company sell iphone tips? I couldn't find them anywhere!

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    you can just use the iPhone USB cable that comes with the iphoone (thats what I'll be using)

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