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Thread: Dev Team has been bought out - immediate withdrawl from the iPhone community

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    WHAT DAMN SELL OUTS sry had caps lock on but im mad i cant belive the devs would sell out like that this better be an april fools joke
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    Default it is not a prank
    u think dev is the only team out???lol

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    April Fools or Apple..

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    Rly Can it be true ? ?
    icant imagine, imba dev is gone ?
    its all that !@#$in apple fault -.-

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    weak sauce

    hopefully they are just f'in with us, we will see tommrow

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    If this is not an april fools joke i would like someone to ask them how it feels to be hated by an entire community of iphone hackers
    iLive an iLife

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    Default fishy
    it all sounds a bit fishy to me...

    if this was an 'April Fools' joke it seems like quite an idiotic move on their part. what with iplus and iliberty teaming up to produce an amazing unlock and jailbreak tool. and pesky zibri releasing an updated version of his unlock tool this week as well. it makes no business sense that on the eve of the most talked about DevTeam release, it would be sabotaged by the very people releasing it.

    on the other hand, maybe the 'April Fools' rumors are true to an extent. Maybe the DevTeam did sell out. maybe they sold out to the likes of Apple, or an Apple partner hoping to brick unlocked iphones. maybe pwnage will come out tomorrow with the DevTeam claiming it was all a joke. but maybe its not the DevTeam at all, but the company they sold out too.

    regardless of what happens tomorrow or in the days to come, i will not be pwning my phone for a long time to come, if ever. i am more than happy where i'm at, and because of this latest development i would urge other iphone users to be careful. it seems as though darkness lies ahead. if the iphone can be pwned so easily, who's to say it can't be wormed too or hit with any number of viruses.

    paranoid or cautious, you decide...


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    sadly.. you are all wrong...
    steve jobs saw the last few second of the video and fell in love with his own image... so he bought over the whole team to work on his potraits full time

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    Quote Originally Posted by peeInMyPantz View Post
    sadly.. you are all wrong...
    steve jobs saw the last few second of the video and fell in love with his own image... so he bought over the whole team to work on his potraits full time
    lol...  03473

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    oh come on ppl. really dont be ridiculous. its one great april joke.deffo good one if you laughing at some ppl reactions as i do lol.what do you think? what is so big different about it and many other unlock/jb/activate programs/methods??? use brains little. and some ppl talking about milions? please... u cant be serious... (and of course no disrespect to dev team. indeed big respect to them...)

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    I do really hope it was april's fool. If not, i can only wish teh dev team the best. after all, these groups of dedicated brains allowed us (and that means millions) to enjoy the iphone and ignited a competition that lead to all the other applications jailbreaking and unlocking the iphone. best of luck guys.

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    So who got PWEND then?...LOL..let's hope it's an April fools joke.

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    if it is true at least we still have iplus&iliberty as well as the ever availiable Ziphone. only time will tell.

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    Sold out?
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    I love u devs even if u scare the **** out of me
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    April fools joke.

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    Something sounded strange when they announced a delay in the release of the tool. But we know they've fought internally about selling the product of their efforts before. Some parted ways with the dev team over this kind of stuff. For those that donated, it is a hard pill to swallow. Assuming the tool is real, you would think it should be possible for others to figure it out.

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    Wow, dats just great! Wer all waiting for pwnage and then they say, never mind! Damn, wat about all da donation money?!?! Theyll just go get some drinks?
    wow, so dissapointing...

    Retired Motorola Modder.

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    Engadget and TUAW just broke the story that it is indeed an April Fools Joke....

    Gotta love the Dev-team.

    Happy April Fools Day!

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    thank god for capitalism. i hope the dev team can retire. they have done us all a good turn and "when the bough breaks". they need to understand that they will eventually be one upped!
    but on the same token, apple is paying them alot of $$$$$$. thank you for all of your work and good luck!

    we'll be back.............

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