The A速weaks iOS development team responsible for creating the Auxo and Auxo 2 App Switcher replacements for iOS 5, 6, and 7 have announced a legacy edition of Auxo for iOS 7.

This legacy version of Auxo will look similar to the original Auxo jailbreak tweak that was created for iOS 5 and iOS 6, but it will be for iOS 7 and include a lot of iOS 7-esque qualities, including aesthetic details like blurred transparency, arrow-shaped grabbers, and flatter qualities. This means it will show small application previews with little application icons overlaying them. Notably, a similar jailbreak tweak called Switchr for iPhone was just released, but there are some obvious differences.

A速weaks hasn't said much about it yet apart from tease this single teaser image, but we did get with Sentry, the designer of the legacy version of Auxo for iOS 7, who told us that the tweak is being coded by Ryan Petrich and that it will be a separate tweak. Pricing has not yet been announced, but it's possible that it will be available at a discounted price for existing customers.

Notably, for those waiting for Auxo 2 to support the iPad, they responded to the question with some time "next week," so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

When released, will you be using the legacy version for the good old-fashioned style look, or will you be sticking with the all-new Auxo 2?

Sources: A速weaks