AT&T which was likely hoping its new Sponsored Data plan would capture the attention of cost-conscious consumers has instead caught the eye of the FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. Speaking at CES 2014, Wheeler said he would look closely at AT&Tís new program that promises to give consumers access to free data in exchange for using the sponsorís services or apps. The sponsoring company would then cover the costs of the data used by these customers. He had the following to say regarding the matter:

My attitude is: letís take a look at what this is, letís take a look at how it operates. And be sure, that if it interferes with the operation of the internet; that if it develops into an anticompetitive practice; that if it does have some kind of preferential treatment given somewhere, then that is cause for us to intervene.
As appealing as free data for consumers might seem, it would be fairly easy for the program to turn anticompetitive. The program may result in promoting the apps and services of the companies that have the cash to buy data while shutting out the smaller companies and startups that donít.

How do you feel about the Sponsored Data program and its potential anticompetitive nature?

Source: The Verge