Once again dispelling the erroneous notion that counterfeit Apple products only plague overseas markets, local news reports out of the state of Maryland indicate that a huge lot of fake Apple products was recently seized by authorities.

An NBC news affiliate in Maryland reports that state police uncovered and took possession of nearly $90,000 worth of fake Apple products procured from two stores inside of an Arundel Mills Mall. It should be noted that neither store was an Apple retail store.

Officers said they raided the Cyberion store and the ST Tech Pros kiosk last Friday and recovered hundreds of fake Apple products that were being sold as authentic factory replacements.
Found inside of legitimate-looking Apple product packaging were knock-off iPhones, cellphone conversion kits, iPhone and iPad covers, Apple product ID stickers, iPad replacement screens and "various internal iPhone parts."
"These organizations that make these products are using substandard materials. They are doing everything they can to make them look like the real thing," Greg Shipley with the Maryland State Police told the local news outlet. "Our investigators believe that they were acting as some type of authorized Apple repair shop and they were taking Apple phones and replacing them with interior parts that were inferior, that were fake, that were not Apple products."

Source: WBAL-TV