Apple recently updated its voice-driven personal assistant, Siri, to make comments against Google’s head-worn accessory, Glass. The voice-assistant calls it “half empty” and tells users that they’ve “got the wrong assistant.” The responses are generated by Siri once users say the words “Okay, Glass.” These are the same words used to invoke the voice-driven features of Google Glass.

If a user says “Okay, Glass” to Siri, the voice-assistant generates at least six humorous responses panning Google’s gear:

  • "Stop trying to strap me to your forehead. It won't work."
  • "I think that Glass is half empty."
  • "I'm not Glass. And I'm just fine with that."
  • "Glass? I think you've got the wrong assistant."
  • "Very funny, (name). I mean, not funny 'ha-ha,' but funny."
  • "Just so you know, I don't do anything when you blink at me."
The new responses on Glass were first highlighted by the folks over at The Verge. The comments echo a sentiment expressed by Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, who said earlier this year he doesn’t believe that Google Glass, currently available for developers to test, will become a mass-market item. Cook instead said that the wrist may be a more natural place for wearable computing devices to evolve. In that space, he praised the Nike FuelBand health tracking accessory.

The Cupertino California company is rumored to be working on its own wrist-worn accessory to take on Google Glass in the wearable computing space with a launch as soon as 2014. The company has gone as far as filing for ownership of the “iWatch” trademark in a number of countries around the world, hinting at a potential name for the device.

It’s always interesting to see these types of updates being implemented to make the rivalry a bit more humorous and interesting.

Source: The Verge