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    Default Rise Alarm Clock Given the App of the Week Title

    If youíre in need of a new alarm clock and you donít want to pay any money, then check out the latest App of the Week in the iOS App Store. Normally $1.99 and free for a limited time, Rise Alarm Clock will help you get up in the morning at reasonable times. It also includes an intuitive touch interface thatís unlike most other alarm clock applications.

    To set an alarm time, you can tap and drag on the display and you will begin dragging the time up or down with your finger. As you drag your finger you will notice a darkened rectangle that follows your finger with the time in it. As you drag down, you get later into the day, while dragging your finger up gets you earlier into the day. Once you get near a time that you want to be woken up at, you can then tap above or below the time to fine-tune it to a more accurate number:

    You can enable or disable the alarm at any time by swiping left or right on the display. You will see the word "on" or "off" depending on the current state of the alarm:

    You can snooze an alarm by tapping on the alarm when it goes off. When your device is locked, you can shake the device to snooze the alarm. When you're ready to wake up, you can swipe left or right on the display to turn the alarm off.

    At the bottom of the application, you will see a gear grabber. You can tap and drag on the gear grabber to access the application's settings:

    You can pick your alarm tone, which can be any of the built-in tones, anything from your media library, or you can have your display flash. You will also be able to set your snooze time, choose to have the alarm repeat or not, choose to have the device vibrate with the alarm, choose a dim alarm percentage, and more. You'll also find directions for how to use the application here.

    By tapping on the small time at the top of the application, you will enter landscape mode, giving the iPhone that real alarm clock look. Rise alarm must be running in the foreground to work correctly, so just make sure the application isn't closed when you go to set an alarm for yourself.

    If you want to give Rise Alarm Clock a try while it's free, you can grab it from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store

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    Meh, not too exciting.

    All I've ever wanted was an alarm that would snooze just by me waving my hand over it using the camera or proximity sensor.

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    Looks nice. But what I want to know is how they got a very nice UI, but a very ugly icon.

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    I dig the icon.

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    Going to check this out today!
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    Yocto Alarm Clock is the best Alarm clock and is always free !

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
    Meh, not too exciting.

    All I've ever wanted was an alarm that would snooze just by me waving my hand over it using the camera or proximity sensor.
    Not sure what it's called maybe wave or something but that's n the appstore

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