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Thread: Sprint Unveils New 'Guaranteed Unlimited for Life' Plans

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    Default Sprint Unveils New 'Guaranteed Unlimited for Life' Plans

    Sprint has Thursday revealed their new Guaranteed Unlimited for Life plans following the Softbank buyout of Sprint for $21.6 Billion.

    The new unlimited plans known as MyWay plans, give the subscriber unlimited data, text messaging, and phone calls. The plans allow customers to lock in their unlimited data, text messaging, and phone calls for the longevity of the subscriber's account(s), effectively keeping any changes to the carrier from having any effect on the customers.

    The plans start at around $80 per month for one smartphone, or $60 per month for a basic phone. Subscribers can add multiple phones to their accounts and save money with each phone that they add. The plans include unlimited 4G LTE data, which Sprint now offers in 110 markets in the United States.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO
    As additional lines are added to the account, customers will see significant monthly savings. The Sprint Unlimited, My Way plan makes it easy for families to tailor plans to meet their wireless needs, making Sprint the clear choice for families.
    Pricing information is shown below:

    Sources: Sprint

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    Good now the rest of the @ssholes need to compete !

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyruf View Post
    such a ripoff

    totally agree! I was going to say this

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    co-sign spyruf. The service always sucked but here's a reason for families to not jump to this new plan.

    Current plan with 5 lines is at $110 for TTD w/ 1500 min (unlimited mobile-to-mobile/everything plan) + 4 lines $20 each + Premium Data $10 each = $240

    New plan with 5 lines = $250

    Maybe this is Sprints way of raising the price and eliminating the current unlimited everything plans.

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    Pricing compare to other carriers it's so much cheaper including employee discounts. Being a sprint employee what Pisses me off Is that the reception can be horrible. Specially is u use Iphones and ipads. Being here in bay area California

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    So with one phone on att is $110 with 4gb shared data. Im signing on with sprint when the 5s drops. (Att customer)

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    I'd like Sprint if they ever had LTE. First my area was promised Wi-Max for 3 years and then that went away and LTE, well maybe in 2 years for an area of 350,000 people. Makes sense I guess.....

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    Would be great if their service wasnt terrible

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    I pay less then $200 for 3 lines with Unlimited EVERYTHING!!! including Facetime with 3 iPhone5's on At&t, so I'll keep At&t but that's not bad Sprint.

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    Rip off but I think it'll make companies like Verizon and AT&T try to come back into this game of unlimited data instead of a cap of like 10gb per device. Some devices are used more so then not by some people who are in small businesses and over that easily. Unfair but that's what the world is anymore. Oh well. Hope it comes back before I lose mine when I upgrade to the 5s.

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    We all know its not really about monthly price, its about being able to call, text and browse the web without a thought(Plan prices are only going up) AT&T has better service in general. Sprint has always lacked in that area. When I pick up my phone I want to be able to use it, thats the bottom line. No reception is not going to cut it. That is the complaint I hear from most Sprint customers.

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    what's the point of having unlimited when the 3G performance is on par with that of a 56k baud modem.

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    sweet. unlimited roaming and searching for service. my favorite!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatOneProfile View Post
    So with one phone on att is $110 with 4gb shared data. Im signing on with sprint when the 5s drops. (Att customer)
    I pay $86 for one iPhone and one dumb phone. Unlimited LTE data plan on iPhone 5 with AT&T.

    I'd be paying $120 per Sprint's new prices as posted on this article.
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    sticking with t-mobile. thanks, but no thanks sprint

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinaygoel2000 View Post
    I pay $86 for one iPhone and one dumb phone. Unlimited LTE data plan on iPhone 5 with AT&T.

    I'd be paying $120 per Sprint's new prices as posted on this article.
    Which is like 5gb capped. Sprint does not cap lte whatsoever plus you pay full retail for upgrades. No thanks.

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    This is just stupid! $50 a month for phone and text??? Who needs unlimited minutes anyway???

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    Sprint sucks .and to think i used to like em till i switched

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