Those of you looking forward to the release of iOS 7, Apple’s upcoming update for iOS, are probably anticipating the new changes that are expected to come. One of the major things we’re supposed to see under Jonathan Ive's overseeing of iOS 7 is a flatter design that does away with skeuomorphism.

A new concept video highlights some neat ideas from the mind of one concept designer that might come true in the iOS 7 software update. Keep your eyes peeled as the iOS 6 iPhone below gets updated to the iOS 7 concept in this well-put together video:

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Obvious right off the bat is the flat design style. It almost looks metro-ish. The rounded application icons are done away with to bring square application icons to life. Animations are completely re-done for notifications, unlocking the device, launching applications, and more. The lock screen even looks totally different.

The animations and overall fluidity of the iOS 7 concept are truly fun to look at. It’s not something we could really expect from Apple; however, these animations really open your eyes to the true simplicity of the current iOS version and what could really be improved on. It's nice how applications lose their navigation bars when you scroll down and you immediate immerse yourself in a full-screen application experience.

It’s the small things like the updated camera shutter sound, and even the large things like the new user interface, access to widgets and toggles, and the better animations that make this concept shine.

On the other hand, I'm not really liking how the Status Bar disappears in the applications when they open.

How do you like this one?

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