Jawbone recently launched a new platform for iOS that allows third-party apps to work with the Up wristband. The API is called the Up Platform and provides access to all your fitness data including steps, calories and distance travelled. The platform has already been integrated into ten iOS apps including IFTTT, LoseIt, Maxwell Health, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Notch, RunKeeper, Sleepio, Wello, and Withings. Until now, Jawbone’s Up wristband has only been compatible with its own official app but thanks to the new Up Platform, that isn’t the case anymore.

Your fitness data can now be accessed by third-party apps allowing you to use your Up with a slew of additional services, assuming they are supported of course. It also means that you can use your other data to supplement the data collected by your Up wristband. For example, Jawbone’s app doesn’t allow you to track your weight, but the Wi-Fi scales compatible with Withings app do, so users can combine the two for a more complete record of information.

As of right now, the API is available only to a select group of Jawbone partners but its thought that this won’t always be the case. Jawbone also recently announced today that it acquired BodyMedia, a company that builds fitness trackers that previously competed with Up. BodyMedia’s trackers are specifically for users who wish to lose weight and they currently require a $60 per year subscription. It should be noted that they do track a lot more data than the Up, including skin temperature, swear, and ambient temperature. It’s believed that Jawbone may incorporate some of this technology into the Up going forward but the company hasn’t disclosed how the acquisition is part of its future plans as of yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Jawbone