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Thread: 'BatteryDoctorPro' is an Impressive iOS Power Management Platform

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    Everybody's always talking about loosing their jailbreaks due to "unrecoverable bootloops", I have had this problem in the past (2-3 years ago now) but then the guy who created Cydia (Saurik, god I hope you guys knew that already) created SUBSTRATE SAFE MODE. Since its creation it is automatically installed with mobile substrate, and has saved me from several bootloops/respringloops all with the press and hold of the volume up button. Granted it might take a couple minutes of holding the button, but I deem a tired finger a small price to pay in order to keep my jailbreak. Is there really that many people that ignore the obvious, or am I missing something?
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    Truly one of the best tweaks on the iPhone, trying to decide how many tweaks this single one replaces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus™ View Post
    Granted it might take a couple minutes of holding the button, but I deem a tired finger a small price to pay in order to keep my jailbreak. Is there really that many people that ignore the obvious, or am I missing something?
    ah.. only if the bootloop was my problem. I have never had a problem with my iphone 4s running 6.1.2 until today. It seems as the cleanup function of this app literally erased my jailbreak (cydia and all) along with all my other apps. Rebooting while holding the + button doesn't do anything, because its like safemode and mobile substrate don't exist on my phone anymore. Tried to rejailbreak but Evasion tells me to "go to settings and disable the passcode" which I can't do because the settings app is no longer on my phone..

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    Working perfectly on my i5 6.1.2 Best free app ..

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    Pretty good tweak, one of the free gems of Cydia, but, nothing is free in these days: I used FireWall iP (tweak which checks outgoing connections from apps), and "BatteryDoctorPro" opened numerous connections, one to Beijing, and then a few to raw IP addresses. The developers have explained this is simply analytics to check daily users ("Simply analitics" ... yeahh righ, you are in America and some one use this "Simply Anaitics" for use in China ... ha!) Abut I fail to see why it would need that many connections to raw IP addresses if they already have one open to Beijing. BDP also checks your UDID, but many apps in the AppStore do as well, the main concern is the many raw IP addresses requesting to connect to your device. f you have a CDMA phone, stay away from using the built in profiles (indoor/outdoor), as BDP has had issues with PERMANENTLY disabling radios (3G, LTE) to a point where restores do not fix it, and you have to manually toggle automatic carrier settings or something like that (search on reddit, there is a thread about how to fix it). And remember, if you need to restore you cannot downgrade. This tweak was created to take care of our battery but it sucks up a good chunk of it too. I think Anthony needs to review this app again and test it with a few good Network Apps, we are all at RISK by installing this Freebie.... will see how many people have issues by days end today!
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    This app cost me my jailbreak on my i5. Everything on the current version worked well till I ran the cleaner. It ran to about 19% got stuck at mobile substrate frameworks for about 4-5 minutes and bam went straight to iTunes logo with cable. Was not able to recovery it and took 7 times and dfu mode to finally get iTunes to restore it. Error code after error code. It did not go into safe mode as I think the cleaner ultimately wiped out mobile substrate which is what caused the recovery loop in the first place.

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    I've used every feature this tweak offers with no issues for 3 weeks now. The cleaner I stopped using because I think icleaner does a better job. I do agree with some that it uses a lot of battery. To many uses to delete.

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    More info about BDP ... was created for Android users to, check this out about the permissions: ... ufff!

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    Used it for last 2 months or so heavily and with a lot of other tweaks as well and never had a problem. Ever. I did remove it yesterday though. Miss some of the features, love the toggles in nc for instance. I don't think it actually makes your battery better though. If Anything it runs it more. Who knows what any of the tweaks we have in our phones are reporting anyway. There is an AppStore version by the same dev and firewall showed the same activity with that one.

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    Want an actual data-driven look at what's draining your battery? Install Carat, an App Store app from UC Berkeley and avoid these dodgy things that apparently call home in Beijing with all your private info.

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    If u can live w/o it, don't install.

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    Never used the Clean function since I have iCleanerPro... Glad I didn't!! Will be removing pronto!!

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    This is great! Looks really professional and works very well. Thanks for the heads up Anthony

    Edit- I'm scared now so I'm deleting this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UrghArgh View Post
    I've been running this ever since another battery tweak was mentioned on MMI a few months ago. Someone commented on that to check out BatteryDoctorPro. It's been running absolutely fine for me, even after 2 updates since I first installed it.

    Maybe before proclaiming doom and gloom you should provide specific details about your particular device, like which iPhone do you have, what version of iOS are you running, what other tweaks do you have installed, etc... It's very possible, and even likely, that the problems reported are due to this tweak conflicting with another.
    That's great for you, but after reading the horror stories over at iOS Jailbreak (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch!) I will pass risking losing my jailbreak & possibly breaking the radios on my iPhone 5. Go to that subreddit & do a search for Battery Doctor Pro & see what you've got. A lot of people, various installs, various phones, with a majority either losing their jailbreak or having Radio issues after installation of this tweak.

    I don't know what else you wanted from me as far as info, but again based on what I've read there, even after a fresh jailbreak with only this tweak installed people have experienced the following:

    • Unrecoverable Boot Loops (safe mode doesn't work)
    • Losing functionality of their 3G/4G/LTE radios
    • Losing functional Wi-Fi
    • Cellular Radios damaged in a way that a DFU restore does NOT fix the issue (though there is a way to fix it as pointed out by iPapeto)

    The bottom line is that this site is one of the larger iPhone sites & the endorsement of such an app with so many issues is irresponsible in my mind. For those that want to try this app out, go for it, but don't say you weren't warned.

    Enjoy (but don't come complaining to me when you have to restore & lose your JB).

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    I have been used this tweak since year ago...

    And this tweak is simply awesome!

    Also feedback from developer is very fast. So if you guys anything want for this tweak, feel free to contact the developer.

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    This tweak put my i5 in a boot loop also. Spent the last day and a half trying to save my jailbreak. Restoring as of this posting.

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    I wish to share my experience with this app (using jailbroken i5 - 6.1.2), earlier today I installed a couple of apps from the list of featured apps here on MMi. One of those apps was this one batterydoctorpro. Initially haven't encountered any issues whatsoever. When I stepped in the office thought, things changed.

    1. I noticed LTE wasn't available. (LTE is already available in the area)
    2. Data connection drops down to EDGE (this is again weird, lowest connection I get in the office is 3g)

    So then i searched and searched. I actually thought that my jailbreak was doomed, luckily though, i didn't lost any menu what so ever, and the i5 seems to be working as usual aside from the constant drop of LTE / 3g.

    I had to manually toggle LTE, for LTE connection to work. Count 30 secs and Signal bars would drop to empty and connection would go down to 3g. This went on after a re-install - reboot of BDP. Reset network settings doesn't work as well. The constant fluctuation still happens.

    I had this fixed by setting Carrier selection from 'automatic' to 'manual'. idevice seems to be back to normal with BDP installed.

    Hope this helps.

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    I ran BDP for a couple days. I used the clean function and I had it automatically turning off my LTE radio after 30 minutes. I didn't notice a difference between its cleaning function and I cleaner's. I uninstalled today though because overall, the risk ain't worth it. That and I don't even send Apple crash reports, so I'm sure as hell not sending "analytics" to Beijing.

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    Oh wow! Best tweak I ever use. From all the features to the style. Everything working perfect. I stalled on all my device
    4, 4s, 5, mini, ipad2

    No issue. 5/5 n free?! Wow

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    This isn't a new app, I've had it for a few months now. It was just in Chinese with English support. But it is an awesome app

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