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Thread: Saurik: 14M iOS 6 Devices Are Currently Running Cydia

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    Default Saurik: 14M iOS 6 Devices Are Currently Running Cydia

    Jay Freeman (Saurik) Saturday morning shared some interesting numbers about the iOS 6 jailbreak, which pod2g then Tweeted for the public to see.

    According to the iOS hacker, 14,051,500 unique iOS devices running iOS 6 have been spotted running Cydia since the release of evasi0n. In addition, in just the last 30 days, 23 million iOS devices on all iOS versions have been spotted running Cydia. Those still jailbroken on non-iOS 6 firmwares are likely using older iOS devices that can’t have iOS 6 installed on them, or they’re just not ready to upgrade to iOS 6 yet because they’re happy with their older jailbreak.

    14 million people is a lot – this number definitely lays to rest any rumors stating that jailbreaking is "dead;" a rumor that ran rampant from those losing patience as we waited for the evasi0n jailbreak to drop this year. A large amount of people still appear to have a large, and even growing, interest in having full personal control over their iOS devices.

    Since the initial evasi0n release in the beginning of February, the evad3rs have been hard at work in keeping the jailbreak as bug-free as possible, as the tool has been updated many times (latest version is 1.5), which since the initial release have fixed multiple issues, such as Weather application crashing, longer than expected boot times, support for iOS 6.1.1 and iOS 6.1.2, and more.

    Are you one of those 14 million people happily jailbroken with evasi0n?

    Sources: Saurik via pod2g
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    That's crazy love the jailbreak community and espically the dev team. Thank you all for what you have done

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    That would be 13,999,999 without me

    Quote Originally Posted by bisayakid07 View Post
    That would be 13,999,999 without me
    That would be 14,051,499 without me

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    That's what I like to hear! The JB community growing in numbers is awesome!

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    That's 9.2% jail broken devices of all iPhones. It'll be less if we were to count iPads and iPods as well.

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    And Thats 14 million more Reasons why Apple Will block the JB lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokentwice View Post
    And Thats 14 million more Reasons why Apple Will block the JB lol
    I would say that's 14 million reasons for Apple to give us what we want - more flexibility/options etc, etc, etc. Why is it that whenever anything decent comes out via Cydia that Apple seems to incorporate it into a future update IOS? - because they no bloody well it is what is wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinaygoel2000 View Post
    That's 9.2% jail broken devices of all iPhones. It'll be less if we were to count iPads and iPods as well.
    It's probably higher than this. Saurik qualified these statistics by saying the 23 million total included only the devices actively seen using Cydia in the last month (which wouldn't necessarily include older devices that couldn't be - or weren't - upgraded).

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    That seems to point to jailbreaking being much more popular than anyone gives a credit for.
    Often people will say like 1% of people will jailbreak your
    It's a shame that Apple is neglecting this large number of it's consumers.
    They could always allow a small back door for those of us who enjoy improving the experience of our iPhone.

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    It's still less than 5% of all existing idevices. Apple will never cater to such a small percentage. I love JB, but lets face it, we are a very small minority.

    Unfortunately, we will remain in the underground.

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    That still a significant number

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    If you account for people who have more than one device, 14 million is much better than 5% of all existing devices. Especially with people who have bought iPhone 5's in the last 5 months- they'll still have their 4's and 4S's and maybe even 3G's.

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    the dev team would make 14 million dollars or more if everyone donated $1. I truly hope the dev team made tons of money which would ensure faster future jailbreaks for new iphones/ipads.

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    ^yup, if your a jailbreaker and you don't support them, then shame on you.
    Still an amazing number...

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    If only we could start a petition for apple to open it up and get 14M signatures.

    Oh wait, I made one.

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    Your best bet would be to try and get Apple to start a special developers program that would give a sort of JB access. Like the dev accounts they have now for $99/year.

    Otherwise even if you think that 5% is a lot, I guarantee you that Apple doesn't.

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    apple will never support jailbreaking because they will never give up control why would they leave it up to us to determine when new features will hit their product if that went mainstream lol omg tim cooks head would explode

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    Is this their full time job? How do they make money? All donations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosher1 View Post
    Is this their full time job? How do they make money? All donations?
    All donations.

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    Lol a lot of them have real jobs but people like Saurik have other online management jobs I guarantee it. Some are in school etc.

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