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Thread: A Look At the New Adobe Photoshop Touch iPhone App

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    Default A Look At the New Adobe Photoshop Touch iPhone App

    Adobe launched an iPhone/iPod touch version of Adobe Photoshop Touch early Wednesday morning. The application had been made available on the iPad about a year ago. The applications are separate purchases from one another – the iPad version being $9.99 and the iPhone/iPod touch version being $4.99.

    First of all, let’s just say that Adobe went all out on this application. It’s certainly no desktop Adobe Photoshop replacement, but you would be hard-pressed to find an excellent image editor on the App Store of the same quality and with all of the features Adobe Photoshop Touch has for this price.

    Adobe Photoshop Touch lets you choose if you want to pick an image from your photo library, take a picture with your camera, search your Creative Cloud account for an image, or create a new image before editing. If you choose to create a new image, you will get to choose the dimensions yourself:

    Adobe Photoshop Touch will give you true layered editing. This is a huge plus, because layered image editing is such a hard feature to find on the App Store. Even for the few applications that do include layered editing, they lack many essential editing features. Adobe Photoshop Touch doesn't lack the layering features, nor the editing features that we will get to in a bit.

    The layered editing lets you easily create new layers, and delete existing layers via a sidebar that appears on the right side of the display when you tap on the layers button:

    Moreover, Adobe Photoshop Touch comes with a variety of tools you can use. Tools include Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Blur, Smudge, Paint, Effects, Spray, Eraser, Magic Wand Selection Tool, Scribble Selection Tool, Brush Selection Tool, Marquee Selection Tool, Circle Selection Tool, Lasso Selection tool, Polygon Selection tool. Many of these might be familiar to you if you're used the desktop version of Photoshop before.

    Each tool also comes with a ton of settings you can configure. For example, the brush tool allows you to select the size of the brush, the hardness of the bush, the flow of the brush, and the opacity of the brush. You can adjust the values by dragging on the sliders, or you can type in values manually. You will also be allowed to select the colors you want to use:

    In addition to tools, Adobe Photoshop Touch also comes with Cut, Copy, Copy Merged, Paste, Clear, Select All, Select Pixels, Deselect, Inverse, Feather, Transform, Refine Edge, Show Pointer, and Extract options. These are cleverly placed at the top of the Adobe Photoshop Touch interface, as you would expect to find them in the desktop version of Photoshop.

    Adobe Photoshop Touch also comes with lots of adjustment options, like Black & White, Saturation, Auto Fix, Brightness/Contrast, Temperature, Replace Color, Shadows/Highlights, Color Balance, Reduce Noise, Invert, Levels, and Curves. Many other Basic, Stylizing, Artistic, and Photo effects exist in the Adobe Photoshop Touch application, which desktop Photoshop users would be familiar with.

    In addition to the tools and effects, users will find a variety of options, such as Crop, Image Sizing, Image Rotating, Applying Text, Image Transforming, Image Warping, Fill & Stroke, Gradient, Fade, Lens Flare, and Camera Fill:

    After taking a look at the application for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially on that smaller iPhone screen. There are a lot of features in the Adobe Photoshop Touch application, and the $4.99 price tag is 100% warranted. The application will do more than just about all of the image-editing applications in the App Store, and it has a lot of the useful features from the multi-hundred dollar desktop version of Photoshop, but obviously, it doesn't have every feature. App Store reviews are not shy to remind you that the application lacks masking.

    On the other hand, what more could you really expect from a full-blown image editor on a 3.5-4-inch display? Having too many options and buttons would just clutter your workspace and end up being too confusing to use. So we applaud Adobe for including most of the main essentials to get image editing done on the fly. Users that feel like Adobe Photoshop Touch includes too many features for them can still opt to use Adobe's free Adobe Photoshop Express application.

    In case you were unaware, Adobe Photoshop Touch is integrated with Creative Cloud, which is basically Adobe’s version of iCloud for you to store your projects in and access from anywhere. The Creative Cloud is not mandatory, but if you want it, that will cost you some money every month. Most people will probably opt not to subscribe to it.

    If you want to buy Adobe Photoshop Touch from the App Store, download links are included for you below. I would certainly recommend it if you like to edit pictures!

    Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone/iPod touch – $4.99
    Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad – $9.99
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    That has to be handy from an editing perspective and even more so when it comes to theming. Almost tempted to give it a go!
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    Five bucks hmmm may try it have a gift card laying around I'm sure

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    I'm amazed they didn't try to include a 99$ iap for all the features (including saving) cause they are way too pricy.

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