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Thread: Android, iOS Secure 91% of Global Smartphone OS Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCNPJediHacker View Post
    It's actually quite disturbing how many pathetic android users lurk on this forum, this is a forum for users of Jailbroken apple phones, not users of overpriced cheap android devices...

    I'm definitely not a fanboy, just someone correcting you android muppets who think you have a point to prove with your phones. I have used both operating systems for an extended period of time and without a doubt in my unbiased opinion iOS trumps Android in most departments. If you want my honest truth I actually think Android works better as a phone OS. I like the pull down notification bar... I just feel it has too many issues with lag and fragmentation to ever be as good as iOS. Seeing android fanboys on this board replying to every news item makes me think that they have nothing better to do but try and promote android as a superior OS. No one in this forum stands up for the iPhone so I really think it's time somebody did...
    Yea I'm a huge droid boy! I mean I own a iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4, MacBook Pro, and iMac.........Oh wait!...... Huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyphur View Post
    But of course Apple knows better what we users want than we do, right? Just one of the things about Android is you have a choice of hardware. Want a big screen or small screen you have options... With Apple your choices are limited to Siri or not, 30 pin or lightning connector, tall or short screen. Those really aren't a lot of options...

    Ha ha ha, seriously... Even in a case such as otterbox defender my GS3 isn't uncomfortable to hold. It really isn't that much wider than any model of iPhone.

    Not really, it's more likely because all of the seniors & teens who are getting their first iPhones and playing with their new toys. I work in the mobile phone industry and see more users exchanging iPhone 5 for Galaxy S III on a weekly basis.

    What are you, a midget? Just how small are your pockets? Your comments make it clear that you've simply never held on in yourmhand or slipped on into your pocket. My GS3 is quite comfortable in my pocket (even in the aforementioned otterbox defender).

    Because there is a lot of innovation between the iPhone 4 - 4s - 5, err I mean 4t (as in Tall)? Seriously what innovative changes were made? You still can't personalize your iDevice or add memory, yes these are things users actually want. Apple won't even allow innovative software, I've been able to use "Profile Managers" since Windows Mobile 2003 but apple won't allow then in the App Store, why?

    Your first argument is a bit backwards as that's a main reason for unknowing people to get Apple devices.

    As for the "can't afford Apple" I suppose you don't know the iPhone 4 is FREE and 4s starts at $50? The GS3 has occasionally been on sale for $50 but sells day in and day out for $150 - $200 despite the cheap Apples. Many users would rather spend $200 on a 16gb Android device plus up to $100 for a MicroSD card for up to 80gb on their Android device.

    The truth of the matter is that Android & Apple devices can all do the same things. The real question isn't which is better but which is a better fit for the user...

    If you're going to bash Android then at least make intelligent arguments from a position of knowledge instead of copy/paste hallow statements from Fanboi articles...

    FWIW, I've owned every iPhone from the 2g to the 5. I still have my iPad2 and MacBook Pro. My household has a total of 2 iPhone, 3 iPads (including a mini) and 2 MacBook Pros. We are a house of mixed tech from Windows & Apple to Android we chose the best device for the user/use. Ironically Apple is losing their handset foothold as both remaining iPhone will be gone by year's end!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Own3d View Post
    You obviously can't read, can you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCNPJediHacker View Post
    Android lags like hell. And I also think it's pathetic that you Android users have to lurk on iPhone boards in a vain attempt to make you feel that your phone is special, when it's a laggy POS
    Hhahahahahahaha note outperform IPhone 5, I would say an iPhone 4 outperforms even the note 2 due to NO LAG and graphical power. Would have an iPhone 4 over any android device ever made.
    Are you Metallicafan? Seriously though, you obviously haven't used any of the current Android phone currently available in the market. As far as "lag", i get absolute zero lag on my Droid DNA, Battery life is great too considering it's the first 1080p screen on the market. Guess people follow along with the whatever the other sheep say. And who is lurking on your precious holy iOS boards, some people use both OS and some of us have been members of this board far longer than you have (this is my alt account since i forgot the details for my main account). I no longer use iphone as my main phone but i still visit this site since it was this site that introduced me to jailbreaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCNPJediHacker View Post
    Underachieving troll!

    If you understood anything about Android is that it will never be able to remove lag due to the type of codebase used... Also it will never be a battery friendly OS. I used to love android when iOS4 was around but ios5 and ios6 is many times better

    Quote Originally Posted by regkilla View Post
    Why are you on an iOS website?

    Because unlike you my friend, he is not narrow minded or biased in this regard. thank you!!

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