Apple introduced 64GB flash storage options for iOS devices for the first time with the iPhone 4S in 2011. This seemed like a great upgrade at the time, however as media continues to evolve and higher quality media emerges, more storage is being demanded.

Code from yesterday’s iOS 6.1 Beta 5 release indicates that we might see a 128GB flash storage option in our iOS devices very soon, possibly in the upcoming iPhone 5S or future versions of the iPad.

128GB of flash storage would double the current max storage option, and would be a great way for video capturers and photographers to store their digital media on their iOS devices in larger bulk. The additional storage space would also very likely cost the buyer another $100 over the 64GB model.

Apple has brought iCloud storage options to reality as a way to store digital media in the cloud instead of on our iOS devices. The cost, however, for keeping and maintaining this cloud storage is too much for some users to bear, and so local storage would be the best option for many iOS device users.

Sources: iDownloadBlog via MacRumors