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Thread: Planetbeing: The Future is Looking Bright for Jailbreaking, Pod2g Urges iOS 6.1 Release

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    Default Planetbeing: The Future is Looking Bright for Jailbreaking, Pod2G Urges iOS 6.1 Release

    Planetbeing has once again announced that more progress has been made, and speaks out saying that the “future is looking bright for jailbreaking.” This Tweet comes just a few days after Planetbeing and Pod2g announced finding two additional vulnerabilities, which may or may not be found useful in the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak.

    Even more interesting, pod2g illustrates his eagerness to get to work right away on iOS 6.1, as he urges Apple to release iOS 6.1 “now” in a Tweet replying to Planetbeing. This could be a good thing, having followed the numerous Tweets ahead of the Tweet urging Apple to release iOS 6.1.

    After having shown his eagerness to get iOS 6.1 in his hands, pod2g later retweeted a Tweet from Musclenerd, which is 23 days old, saying, "I wholeheartedly disagree" in response to a Tweet from a jailbreaker who has lost faith in a jailbreak for the "iPhone 5 and iPad 2" being released this year.

    Apple’s latest iOS 6.1 beta is set to expire very soon, however iOS 6.1 golden master has yet to see the light of day. Many jailbreakers who upgraded to the iPhone 5 have been without a jailbreak since they bought Apple's new handset, and a huge number of these jailbreakers are unsure of whether to stay on iOS 6.0.2 or update to iOS 6.1 when the new software update comes out.

    Our advice is to stay on iOS 6.0.2 (or update to iOS 6.0.2 if you have not already), and then wait to see what happens when iOS 6.1 comes out before you update to it. When asked, Musclenerd also agreed with this course of action. Planetbeing at least has an untethered iOS 6.0.2 jailbreak running on his iPhone 5 right now, so it’s at least a pillow to fall back on if a jailbreak for iOS 6.1 cannot be made in the near future.

    The best thing the jailbreak community can do is remain positive toward these hackers that dedicate their time to creating jailbreaks at no cost. Please continue to remain patient, and throw them a "Thank You!" when you get some free time!

    Sources: pod2g and planetbeing
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