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Yes but the ISP on the A6 chip is better and has more graphics cores. And for those who didn't watch the iPhone 5 announcement from Apple ISP is not Internet Service Provider, it's Image Signal Processor. So even though the lens is slightly better on iPhone 5 vs 4s it uses the same 8MP Sensor but produces better images because of the extra lens and enhanced ISP. So Haha pay closer attention to detail and don't just hone in on the Mega Pixels because they are the same but overall completely different!!! Don't be a MP Wh0re!!! More MP is not always better and 8MP 4s is not equal to 8MP 5!!!
Exactly. Take a look at point at point-and-shoot cameras these days. Many of them are around 16 mp. But do you really think a little 16 mp Sony Powershot is going to take pictures comparable to a 18 mp Canon DSLR? Heeeeeckkkkk no. Optics goes way deeper than just looking at the megapixels..