Several Weeks ago, AT&T had begun enabling FaceTime over cellular for numerous subscribers to the carrier’s network. It was a prerequisite that the device needed to be LTE-capable and running iOS 6 to take advantage of the feature. This would mean Apple’s latest iPhone 5 and latest LTE-capable iPads would be the only candidates for FaceTime over cellular on AT&T’s network.

AT&T has announced Wednesday afternoon that they will be allowing all iOS 6 device users capable of FaceTime functionality, and who are linked to tiered data plan subscriptions, to use FaceTime over AT&T’s cellular network. The announcement does not make any mention of unlimited data plan subscribers, in what might be an attempt to get people to sign up with tiered data plans.

This includes the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the iPad 2, which aren't LTE devices, but can all connect to AT&T’s cellular network, have front-facing cameras, and can run iOS 6. iOS 6 is a requirement since iOS 6 is the first version of iOS to come native with the ability to enable FaceTime over cellular without the need for a jailbreak to do so.

AT&T says that the roll out will once again be slow and gradual, because they want to be able to examine the impact on their cellular performance since their goal is to provide a great mobile experience for their customers. The roll out will be free for everyone involved and the feature will be enabled automatically for users.

Sources: AT&T via 9to5Mac