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Thread: Gene Munster: Time Has Come for Cheaper iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasvncnt10 View Post
    Soooo.....because I feel Android is better..for me and my use...that means I dont understand how the market works?
    "Works better (functions according to design)" can be measured empirically. It's not open to opinion. But WHAT SUITS ONE'S NEEDS better is purely subjective.

    In the empirical, not open to debate, side of the issue - system failure (crashing) is common in the Android world, nonexistent in the stock iOS world. 'Thems' are the facts, "my young patewan learner".
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    Off topic: It's padawan learner

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    Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
    You guys advocating the GS3 and Note 2 are dead on. I have buddies that each have a note 2 or GS3 and they are pretty cool. The only problem with them is they are both running Android. So its a big no for me. I've used both OS's extensively and IMO iOS is the superior platform. I'll be waiting until next October to roll around and be upgrading my 4S to the new iPhone. Sheep? Nope. I made my own mind up through personal research.
    Exactly right. Great devices? Probably. I just can't stand android. It doesn't work like it should. It's clunky.

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    Default you bet.
    Quote Originally Posted by mustard05 View Post
    Actually it would devalue the brand.
    Apple is a premium product. I'd hate it if they start becoming a nokia or a samsung or an Htc who launch a segment of phone every 2 months. its like saying Lamborghini or Rolls Royce should come up with a cheaper car. you make more money with cheaper phones but it just devalues a brand significantly.

    Quote Originally Posted by VerizonIphone4_help View Post
    gene mustard has no idea >.> why in the world would apple release a cheaper iphone? They have nearly every darn thing in the market right now from ipod nano to iphone to ipad mini to ipad. Then they have everything covered in the traditional pc and laptop market as well.

    Unless apple makes up a new category, like they did with the iphone and ipod, they a have no need to introduce another product line.
    couldn't agree more on this one.

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