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Thread: 'Attachments+ for Mail' Makes the iOS Mail App More File-Friendly

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    Default 'Attachments+ for Mail' Makes the iOS Mail App More File-Friendly

    For those of you that rely on Apple’s Mail application on iOS instead of some third party alternative, a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Attachments+ for Mail by iOS developer lordscotland makes the Mail application a lot more useful by giving it better file handling.

    Attachments+ for Mail gives the user the ability to attach files from their file system, or from their Camera Roll, directly from the E-mail composition screen itself. It supports just about every kind of file you can think of. When composing an E-mail message, users will find two new buttons in the Action Menu when they hold down on the blank canvas:

    One button resembles a green spark, and the other button resembles a camera icon. The green spark button will open a window with your entire filesystem, similarly to how you would view your files in iFile, so you can choose a file to attach. You can select as many files as you want from your file system, so long as they fit within the e-mail file-size limit. Just tap on one file to attach it to the E-mail (you can do this one at a time if you want to), or to make things easier, you can tap on the “Edit” button to select multiple files at once to attach in one gesture.

    Since you can’t send folders in an E-mail, the tweak comes with a handy ZIP feature, which can zip multiple folders or items into one file that can be sent via E-mail. After you’ve selected everything you want to attach, you can tap on the share button at the bottom of the screen to reveal a menu that allows you to copy, cut, delete, or ZIP the files. After you’ve chosen ZIP, you can name the ZIP file anything you want to, and then attach it to the e-mail:

    The second button in the Action Menu is a camera button. This button allows you to attach photographs or screenshots from your Camera Roll iOS 6-style. When we say iOS 6-style, this is because you can insert them right from the E-mail composition interface (just like in iOS 6) without having to be in the Camera Roll to initiate an E-mail. You can attach as many Camera Roll images as you want to, just like the file system files, as long as they fit within your E-mail file size limitations:

    If your E-mail service supports it, the tweak can also attach files inline with text an E-mail. This means that you will be able to type text and then input files within the sentence(s) and then continue typing on the same line without any word wrapping. This feature is optional, but could be useful in many situations:

    Another major feature of Attachments+ for Mail is that the tweak allows you save incoming attachments that you may receive in an E-mail. When you receive an attachment, you can hold down on it to bring up the menu below, and then tap on the “Save” button. Afterwards, the file system interface will pop up again and allow you to select a folder to save the file to:

    An additional useful feature included in Attachments+ for Mail is that you can view files before you attach them to your E-mails right from the file system interface, so there’s no need to use iFile to see your files before you decide to attach them to an E-mail. This can be useful in making sure that you send the right file to the right person, and not the wrong one by accident. As shown in the image below, you can hold down on a file to bring up the Action Menu and then tap on the "View" button to see the contents of the file:

    While you’re viewing a file, you can even tap on the Title Bar and a “Select” button will appear. This is a shortcut for attaching the file to the E-mail from the file viewer and can be used to save a little time:

    If you’re a heavy E-mail user and you avoid the iOS version of Mail at all costs because of its terrible compatibility with file attachments, then this tweak is a must-have. It really makes the Mail application feel like a desktop-style E-mail client with these additional features. It's also great how it integrates so seamlessly into the application.

    It pairs well with iFile, Safari Download Enabler, and Safari Download Manager, if you have either of those, since Safari Download Manager can be used to save files to your file system that you can send in an E-mail later on and iFile can be used to view files that you save. iOS 5 users will be able to download and enjoy this tweak right now, however iOS 6 users are out of luck for the time being. Attachments+ for Mail is not yet iOS 6-compatibile, however support is coming in the future.

    Name: Attachments+ for Mail
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: lordscotland
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
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