AT&T has released an update for their account management application for iOS, myAT&T, to version 2.5 today, bringing with it a brand new interface and better login handling.

From now on, should you have just one AT&T account saved with the application, the account will automatically get logged into when you open the application without the need to tap on your account at application launch. As it does this, there will be a close button that can be used to cancel the login. Users will also find that the application now makes it much easier to add, delete, and edit AT&T accounts from the application.

The brand new interface is very orange. It used to be a light-blue color. The login screen now looks much more professional and it's much easier on the eyes. Although most of the interface will be familiar, the main page of the application has changed a bit, offering more links you can tap on for ease of access, such as Find a Store, Shop AT&T, Get Support, and Contact AT&T. Some might also appreciate that the Status Bar is no longer an ugly light-blue color, and itís now black on the orange interface, which helps with readability.

Those of you that use AT&T as a cellular carrier for your iOS devices can grab this update from the App Storeís Updates tab. If youíve never used this application before, but youíre interested in trying it, you can grab it from this link.

Sources: App Store