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Thread: Apple Begins to Officially Sell Unlocked iPhone 5s in the U.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenesisDH View Post
    The extra time before receiving the Nexus 4...
    Ha ha for 300 bucks I can wait 2 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionkid7 View Post
    I have an important question. The price of 649$ does not include VAT. Tax in NY is 8.875%. That is a total of about 705$. Is it cheaper to buy it in other states? I check Wikipedia for tax rates and some states have no sales tax at all. Is it a good way to spare some extra money?
    I bought my 64 gb iPhone 5 from Verizon my total came to 975$ after tax. So where your at you got a good deal. Unless you go to ebay and bid on one I see them go for 850 or just a little under for the 64gb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandMstrBud View Post
    Ha ha for 300 bucks I can wait 2 weeks
    I've heard waiting times on a nexus 4 are a lot longer than 2 weeks right now. Can't beat that price though. Even other androids can't beat it for the top tier unlocked ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
    For things like this, dropping hundereds of dollars on, I prefer to have it in my hands right away. Althought I don't realy like the locations of the Apple stores around here. Mainly the Mall of America one. (Majority of the local people don't like going to that tourist trap at all)
    I don't know where your located, but have you been to the rosedale store? Been there multiple times, usually isn't too overcrowded

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    I did jailbreak in my iPhone 5. But it's tethered version now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyroneworster View Post
    I did jailbreak in my iPhone 5. But it's tethered version now....
    I don't have a 5 or I'd test for myself but I call BS on that one. As that would mean they've magically discovered a new bootrom exploit.

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