Walgreens added the Aviary mobile SDK to their mobile apps yesterday allowing for more in-depth photo editing and manipulation.

The update means Walgreens mobile apps not utilize the Aviary SDK and Walgreens Quickprint SDK, which allows any developer to add Walgreens in-store functionality to their apps. Walgreens announced the Quickprint SDK earlier this year during the summer when Walgreens debuted its new developer portal which allows third-party developers to integrate in-store functionality to their apps.

The inclusion of the Aviary SDK into this batch of tools means that Walgreens apps will not include Aviary photo-editing capabilities into their applications. This means users of both the iOS and Android versions of Walgreens’ app will be able to use Aviary’s photo filters, captioning, stickers, effects, and retouching tools on their photos.

Jeff Bezos and others invested nearly $6 million into Aviary during their startup, and Walgreens was part of that investment bloc. According to Aviary their SDK will show up in other “partners” applications soon, which judging by the players involved very well could be Amazon.

Source: Tech Crunch