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Yeah I always have a hard time believing these types of stories. I find it hard to believe the LAPD would use several officers and a helicopter to track down some guy that can't keep track of his phone i. I know it sounds good and all but hard to believe.

I guess it's different if the stolen phone belongs to a person that works for LAPD. I bet the tax payers would love to hear that man power is being used to track down cell phones of LAPD workers knowing good and damn well that Jon Q Citizen would not get the same treatment.
It's not that hard to believe, the cops are there to protect and serve, and an iPhone is a very expensive item! Plus, why not? I bet cops love the fact that they can pull up the exact GPS location of a criminal. It makes their job easier! And, they caught four guys, and other contraband. It probably didn't cost more than a regular patrol. These guys are out all the time, so probably no more cost to the taxpayers than usual.