The popular jailbreak application IntelliScreenX, by intelliborn, now sees its very own fake application in the App Store. There have been several instances recently where the App Store has been offering fake jailbreak applications, such as the most recent Cydia wannabe.

The fake application attempts to sell itself as the popular lock screen and Notification Center-enhancing application in Cydia, which usually costs $9.99, for 99˘. The screenshots also appear to show the real IntelliScreenX on a jailbroken device.

Users that have been fooled into purchasing the application are leaving foul reviews, sharing that the application is nothing more than an alarm clock and is nothing of what it was advertised to be in the application description and screenshots.

We advise that everyone avoids this application and doesn’t give the developer any incentive to make money off of the obvious scam and ripoff of intelliborn's graphics. IntelliScreenX is, and will likely always be, only available in Cydia.

Hopefully Apple pulls this application from the App Store as soon as possible.

Sources: App Store