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Thread: AT&T to Allow FaceTime Over Cellular for Even More People

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    All I have to do is;
    Pull out my sim from iphone5
    Put in a sim adapter
    Slide it in my jailbroken iphone4
    Boom.... Facetime on 3G

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    Default -_-
    Quote Originally Posted by todomz View Post
    Whatifyou have unlimited data and the iPhone 5 with LTE?
    Quote Originally Posted by todomz View Post
    AT&T today announced it will enable FaceTime over Cellular at no extra charge for iOS 6 customers with an LTE device on any tiered data plan.

    in terms you can understand, tired means limited , so no you cannot get facetime over 3G, sucks. Maybe you should just get a tired data plan and stop hogging data, no wonder my 4G LTE is slow. thanks.....

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    This is ********, ATT should give facetime over network to unlimted data users, how many of us are there?

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    I hate how att has started to tell me what I can and can't do on my phone! This is a move by att to force customers from unlimited data plans, and to upgrade your device so they have you under contact longer. Att is the communist provider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scroogelives View Post
    Really don't see what the issue is with allowing people to use it when they want! I can use FaceTime anywhere but chose to only use it at home where I have wifi available! Reason being I don't want everyone to hear my calls
    Do you make phone calls at home too?? Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elementdog View Post
    in terms you can understand, tired means limited , so no you cannot get facetime over 3G, sucks. Maybe you should just get a tired data plan and stop hogging data, no wonder my 4G LTE is slow. thanks.....
    No offense, but if you're going to chide someone for not knowing what the word means, the least you can do is spell it correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolemt View Post
    Actually saved more money switching to the 15gb shared data plan works great
    I paid $130 for my unlimited. When I checked my data usage and found out I never used more than 3gb I switched to tiered. Now my bill is about $99. And I've only gone over once and still only paid $110. I rather pay the extra $10 than be throttled. I still don't understand why people are holding on to unlimited.

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    People are holding on to unlimited because its old stuff. People have no worries no matter what. AT&T wants it off because AT&T can be making more money off of you if you screw up and go over. Unlimited was a money killer for them with all those iPhones

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    Have never used FaceTime and never will. I see no use for it in my case. However its a bummer for the people that want it and can't use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turdsmoka View Post
    I saved a lot of frustration switching to Verizon.
    yup and you still dont get talk and surf at the same time...whooptie effin dooo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssjbrolly View Post
    Once jailbreak is out, I'll give 2 middle fingers to AT&T's CEO. I miss the jailbreak for having tweaks such as this, not to get free apps which I am not for, but features like FaceTime should not be limited because of greed when two other companies have it for everyone for free as part of their plan. I stayed with AT&T only because their networks allow being on the phone and the net at the same time. Or else I would have told them to shove it!
    That's the ONLY reason I stayed!

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    hopefully this applies to LTE on corp accounts as well...
    I'll post back re this in 8-10 weeks

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