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Thread: Microsoft Office for iOS Coming Early 2013, Free (Almost) and Basic Functionality

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    Default Microsoft Office for iOS Coming Early 2013, Free (Almost) and Basic Functionality

    It has been a long wait for Microsoft to bring Microsoft Office to the iOS platform, however it will finally be available in early 2013 according to a report by The Verge. The report also shows off some screenshots of an early version of the application that may be disappointing for some users Ė especially those waiting for true Office functionality on their iOS device.

    The Microsoft Office for iOS suite will be basic. This is important to realize because there are probably many other third party applications in the App Store that can do more than Microsoft Office for iOS will be able to do. It won't be anywhere near as pretty or feature-filled as Apple's iWork suite. Apart from lacking many features, Microsoft Office for iOS will also be adopting Microsoft's rather disliked metro UI style.

    The Verge shares the below screenshots to help illustrate how the application will appear to users:

    From what it looks like, you will need to have an Office 365 subscription to edit Microsoft Office files. Although the application itself will be free, the subscription will actually cost money. You will be able to view Microsoft Office files without the subscription, as the lone "View Excel Spreadsheets for free" button indicates.

    You also appear to be able to download individual applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) within the Microsoft Office for iOS application almost like an in-app purchase, minus the purchase. This might be useful if someone only wanted Word, but didnít find a need for PowerPoint and Excel. It would save disk space too.

    From the actual Office home view, you are given a tabbed interface, much like any iOS interface. From the Recent tab, you will be able to see all of your recent Office files organized for you by date. The Places and New tabs will allow you to manage your Office files, while the Settings tab will provide you with some extra options for your Office suite.

    From the first screenshot in this article, which appears to be Microsoft Word because of the blue interface, you can see the rather limited functionality including a back button, an eye button, a write button, and an information button. The eye button will probably allow you to change the view of the document, while the write button may toggle the ability to start writing. The information button would show you details about the document much like Office for your computer already does.

    I was hoping for better from Microsoft, but to each their own. Do the early screenshots meet your expectations for Microsoft Office for iOS?

    Sources: The Verge
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    I was also hoping for more from MS as well but we have to remember that it is MS we are dealing with. Still, you never know, it hasn't been released yet so it could very well end up being a fully functional App.

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    This opinion is also based on assumptions gleaned from a couple screenshots. We have no idea what the final product will be, if the interface was complete, or even what icons are along the bottom of the display for that matter.

    I'll reserve judgement until I see more. I already have a 365 account so that is not an issue for me.

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    It's a last ditch attempt by MS to get people to buy and use Office.

    I have fully functional Open Office, which is available for free online, from

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    I have ms office for Mac and for PC. Both are fully functional, excellent sets of apps. Both are nearly worth what Microsoft asks for them - one of the few big software titles that are.
    As for iOS - I'll definitely be using apple's iWork. Subscription to office?! Lol, what was MS THINKING?!!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevmax View Post
    It's a last ditch attempt by MS to get people to buy and use Office.

    I have fully functional Open Office, which is available for free online, from
    It will be great for the business user, where MS Office rules

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    It will be great if its FULLY functional and not fragmented. Right now there are no official MS Office applications for iOS..why? Guess they want us to buy the Lumina 920..hahaha no thanks.

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    Depending on how it is priced I think I'll be sticking to Pages, Keynote and Numbers...

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