Well I just want to clarify with you that I did not ever say or suggest that I built this car. Ive always tried to make your credit, as well as mine, as clear as possible. iSTS Twilight and iATS Alien would not be possible without you, Schnedi, SnowLeo, Gan-Man, scairflare, Pathkiller and myself. Definitely not without you, but please don't forget that I did perform some major CPR on the theme when it was abandoned, requiring a 12-hour long "bug fix"! I still appreciate that beautiful credits you wrote for me. I wasnt as passionate with the iATS Alien credits, but then again my involvement with the theme has only been a few months, not YEARS.

So please don't rain on my parade now; everyone knows this is OUR theme. Its our parade.

Tyler made the original code of this theme, and it was absolutely brilliant. Im eternally grateful that he permitted me to publically release this Alien version which I sculpted from the iSTS Twilight base, which I originally intended to be just my own personal version.