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Thread: 'Ostium' Provides A Cool New Notification Center Animation

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    Default 'Ostium' Provides A Cool New Notification Center Animation

    We know how you guys love customizing your iOS devices, so we’re going to show you a great new jailbreak tweak called Ostium by iOS developer danyl. With Ostium, you get a brand new Notification Center animation (illustrated above) that not only looks differently, but also behaves differently when you interact with the screen using your fingers.

    The animation sort of resembles window curtains being opened. What’s cool about Ostium is that it’s not just an animation tweak, but it’s also a functional tweak, as it changes the way you launch Notification Center. Granted, you can still pull down from the Status Bar to launch Notification Center, the tweak makes it so you can pull in opposite directions (left and right) on the home screen with two fingers to reveal Notification Center lurking in the background.

    When you install the tweak, the first thing you should look at are the options in the Settings application:

    The preferences pane is very simple to follow, having only two groups of two options. The first group allows you to enable and disable the animation from within applications and the second group allows you to enable and disable the animation from the home screen. The switch labeled “Slide Animation” actually enables a secondary animation type when enabled. The difference in the animation style is illustrated below:

    As you can see, having the Slide Animation switch enabled actually combines both the stock and new animations into one animation, while having the switch disabled shows you only the new animation. Another thing we find really cool about the tweak is attention to detail, as you can see the actual drop shadows from where the interface you were just in sits on the sides of the screen:

    And if that wasn’t enough, Ostium also supports landscape mode:

    In case you were wondering, you can actually use the two-finger animation in reverse and close Notification Center as well. Ostium is IntelliScreenX-compatible, so if you like IntelliScreenX and also like this animation tweak, then you’re good to go. Ostium works with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and only works with iOS 5. The animations are as smooth as butter. Check it out!

    Name: Ostium
    Price: 99¢
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: danyl
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

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    Also with the ability to transport you back in time.

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    First time I've seen 5/5 on MMi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtpl View Post
    First time I've seen 5/5 on MMi
    There have been a few 5/5's lately. Bridge, Music2iPod, you name it.

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    I like how the main animation's time drastically changes. lol

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    Nice one.
    Yea, it would've looked even better if the time didn't change so bad. By the time it looks like it takes hours to open up notifications now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
    Nice one.
    Yea, it would've looked even better if the time didn't change so bad. By the time it looks like it takes hours to open up notifications now.
    It also apparently drains 25% of the battery

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    yupp its a cool app, suck battery but still i like it

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    It would look cool if on a iPad version it open about half way and have a folding board animation

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    I can't believe that of all things... this got 5/5 stars. If it was anything, it should be the tweak called Switchy. It is truly awesome.

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    This tweak is f***ing awesome, not only does it add new animations to notifications centre and move you back and forth in time but it also changes your black device to white and back again. Perfect for those of us who just couldn't settle on a colour ;-).

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    Ostium 1.1 is out!
    - iOS 6 support.
    - New Wallpaper feature.
    - New hidden 'Gangnam Style Mode' for you to discover
    - few bug fixes.

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    View information about the Ostium 1.1 update:


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