Today, Google has launched a Web App of their Street View from Google Maps. It can be used on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Google's Street View Web App works on iOS 5 and iOS 6 from the Mobile Safari and Google Chrome Web browsers, helping to pick up the slack of Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps application, which has a terrible public image at this point in time.

To use the Google Street View Web App, just go to Google Maps from either Mobile Safari or Google Chrome on your iOS device and search for a location. Once the map loads up the location, you will see a new button (circled in red above) that you can tap to launch Street View of the location. Street View doesn’t work everywhere, but it does work almost everywhere.

Street View opens in a different tab from Google Maps in the browser and allows you to see everything in a much more realistic view. Street View aims to show you places the way you can expect to see them if you walked down the roads of these locations. The Web App includes navigation buttons in the interface so you can move around through the street to view places nearby to the location you typed in.

In the top left, Google's Street View has a constant reminder of what the address is of the place you're looking at. When you tap on the 'X' button at the top right of the screen, the Street View tab will close and allow you to return to the Google Maps tab in your Web browser.

Everything runs pretty smooth even on the iPhone 4’s single core processor, so if you have the iPhone 4S or the newer iPhone 5, then the performance will only be superior. Google’s Street View Web App is free to use, so go and give it a try!

Sources: Google Maps via 9to5Mac