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    ModMyi has been keeping all of the iOS gamers out there informed about Rovio’s newest release, Bad Piggies. The game puts the player behind the point of view of the pigs rather than the Angry Birds for once. We are excited to share that Bad Piggies is finally live in the App Store today and it’s far from disappointing – according to the game’s 4.5/5 star rating in the App Store, it’s safe to say that gamers agree!

    When you start playing the game after you purchase it, you will find a very familiar interface that separates all of the levels into worlds. Right now the number of worlds is limited, but knowing Rovio, more levels will be added to the game in future to keep the game’s merit in tact over a period of time. As you begin new worlds, you will also be greeted by a scrolling storyline for your own amusement.

    As the pigs are geniuses and can engineer anything they need out of wood, metal, and other cheap objects, it is your job to make vehicles for them out of the materials they provide for you. You can drag and drop the materials onto a grid where they will snap into place. You must build a type of vehicle frame and then use propulsion systems to get the vehicles to their destination whether it is a shaken-up bottle of soda, gravity, or a fan. Most of these propulsion devices are toggled with a button at the bottom of a screen – timing is everything! You should place the pig somewhere safe inside of the vehicle.

    It is possible for your vehicles to break into little bits if they land wrong or if the roof of a cave rips something you added to it off. TNT boxes will also detonate on impact and destroy your vehicles, but they can be used as key elements to propel the pig itself to the finish line; vehicle or no vehicle. Depending on how you do, you will get a rating from 1-3 stars or 0 if you completely flunk the level and end up having to restart. You can also collect stars by running into star boxes with your vehicle.

    From our testing with the game, it certainly appears to offer endless minutes, even hours, of entertainment. If you need a new game for your iPhone 5 or other iOS device, Bad Piggies is worth checking out. It is available right now for iOS devices, Mac, PC, and Android devices. App Store download links are included below:

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