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Thread: iPhone 5 Attracting Twice The Crowds Observed for iPhone 4S Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripped53 View Post
    Pissed bc I placed my pre-order and it's still showing as processing (14-21 Day Delivery time I suppose). I go into the local At&t store at lunch time and they have 1 64GB Black available. They tell me I can't cancel my pre-order and purchase the one in store...HOW MESSED UP IS THAT! Oh well I didn't argure, perhaps I should have...guess I'll get my phone in 2-3 weeks. HA smart move Apple...hate you At&t.
    You can always cancel an order.
    It is your fault for believing in the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starkall View Post
    It's so stupid, all the apps suck on the iPhone 5. It leaves black bars on the top and bottom. The apps don't even fit to screen. What's the point of a bigger screen?
    This is something I really do not understand either. How hard would have been to make existing apps auto expand to fill all of the available area, at the framework level (for most standard apps that is, where the devs wouldn't need to change anything.) This shouldn't be different than maximizing/full-screening the same app on a desktop OS, where you can have several systems, each running on monitors at different resolutions; say, one is at 1440x900 and another at 1920x1080 and another at 1280x1024. In each case it would be the same application, and on each screen when maxed, it would consume all available space in a logic manner. Why can't this concept apply to iOS apps too, rather than treating them more like static images?

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    I also went to an AT&T store but it was not easily visible, but only 2 people in front of me.....2 hours before it opened

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeThomson View Post
    I feel like a lot of this might be fabricated to hype up apple.. I was at the mall today and they had a line set up of ropes winding back and forth and it was maybe only half full.. I remember being there when the 4s was out and there was more people then the line could hold
    At my local store there was a whole 3 people waiting for the doors to open. There were more store reps then customers.
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    Returning my i5 tomorrow and stick with my 4s or possible the galaxy s3 I'm trying out. The only thing I really like about the i5 is the back.

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    It's because everyone bought the 4 and their contracts are finally ending. I mean really, how stupid are people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldoutluck View Post
    I'm pissed at apple cause I ordered mine 1 hour into pre orders and got the "will ship in two weeks" notice, but somehow these yuppys that didn't even camp out will have one before me... I think apple did the "push to two weeks" crap so the people would just go wait in line, and lines would look longer, and in turn the media would visualize more hype around the release... it's all BS screw you apple. For the first time since I bought the first gen iPhone I am freaking pissed at apple!!! I will never buy a droid or start talking about some Samsung garbage but apple get you crap together this is just disappointing!
    .. You don't understand how it works. Apple gives its retailers "x" amount of phones. They can't use those phones for preorders apple has a separate stock for those. Also apple is fine with "2,000,000 preorders" just as much as "millions line up for iPhones at stores across the globe"

    Also I've learned this lesson the hard way too. It's always better to just go to an apple store a day or two after it came out and wait for 10-20 minutes

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    I totally understand how it works!

    With the iPhone 4 I pre-ordered it and it was at my door the day before the release! And in case you don't remember they were over hyping the fact that they where having problems with production and that all pre orders may not be fulfilled on the first day, because they supposedly had fallen behind in manufacturing due to complications or materials i don't remember which.... sounds to similar.

    I know they are giving their retailers x amount of stock as well, and that they cannot or will not take from that to fill pre-orders. my point was that they purposefully kept a diminished amount of stock for pre-orders availible to ship on the 21'st in order to hype their own product and make it appear as though they were over whelmed, and in demand.

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    Here is a little more speculation and what i would consider proof to the over hype theory, it was posted on another thread.

    "Its giving all the signs of hype building - "limited stock" and "first come first serve" were used a lot. However most Apple Stores had PLENTY of stock, and the only reason people couldnt get one in a majority was due to the shop closing.

    I tried my local one (Watford, Herts, UK) this morning - there was a queue of people with tickets and I was turned away. Phoned at mid day, they had all models in stock. Went over there about half past 1, picked up a 16gig white. Spoke to the rep there and she said they had about 15 palets of them. Given how small the packaging, there must be at least 1000 of them per pallet.

    I spoke to my local 'Three' shop however, and they were estimating October 2nd for pre-orders. Phoned Three's main phoneline and they said October 10th. Yet you can walk into any Apple store today and pick one up. The stupid thing is that in the UK, it works out BETTER to go on contract for the first time ever. Three are doing a plan that works out under 100 more than buying the phone outright and being on a 10/mo contract."

    Take it for what you want...

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