Apple’s iOS 6 release didn’t came and went with a few minor hiccups, most notably an embarrassingly simple Wi-Fi snafu.

The problem stems from the way mobile Safari handles network verification. In order to connect to a Wi-Fi network through Safari the browser loads a special page, which apparently went down earlier today.

Based on the claims, the issue has arisen from a network verification process baked into the software, wherein the OS attempts to load a dummy page on to detect if a users is connected to a paywalled network. Unfortunately, however, the verification page seems to lead to a 404 error, resulting in an inability to connect to Wi-Fi for many users. — AppleInsider
The issue plagued iPad and iPhone users alike, but Apple appears to have fixed the issue for most users as the problem was server-side on Apple’s end. However, for those that are still having Wi-Fi troubles heading into your Wi-Fi settings and setting HTTP Proxy to auto is a potential solution. Others have had success simply resetting their network settings.

Have any MMi readers run into problems after upgrading iOS 6?

Source: AppleInsider