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Thread: Shipping Times for iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Already Slip to Two Weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad104 View Post
    Did AT&T kill the upgrade every 6 months if you renew your contract?

    I went to preorder and it shows the phone being 549. What gives?

    Waaay back in March 2011 they changed the upgrade rules. That every 12 mo (for $100 or more in monthly charges) mess is over. Now, they're just like the others: every 21mo. My guess is you upgraded at some point last year.

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    had my 4s set to alert at 4:58pm AEST. I launched the store app on my 4s that I had preloaded with the order page from yest. Saw they took down page few hours prior to preorder. It was up with the price and purchase moments after I launched app, so don't know bout the gobal :01 after the hour scenario, but I reckon mine was in system only few seconds after it turn the hour. Got the conf email soon as I went back to my PC and checked bout 2 mins later. Noted it state available for deliver 21/9-27/9. So now I wait to see if it was worth it. They cert made it easy for us in Oz by setting the 12am Pacific time- very handy Maybe I'll get a 'Sheeple' award for my swiftness(won't call it an effort cause it wasn't)
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    I ordered mine with the app at 4am ET and got a 2 week waiting or delivery.

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    3:00am order 2 📱📱iphone5 32gb from apple web site went smooth and will receive 21st can't wait to get my hands on that baby.

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    I preordered when I got into work about 45 mins ago and it was still at 2 weeks. I don't mind waiting the extra week because I'm sure a new JB won't be ready for it that soon anyways..

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    i cant decide between the white or blackkkkk!!!!!

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    I purchased both of mine at 6:00am MT and both will take 2 weeks to ship....crazy! I see another Apple record coming!

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    I ordered mine at at&t's website at 7:45am EST and shows delivery for Sept. 21. I am also glad that they are letting us with unlimited data keep it. "Data Plan Unlimited on 4G LTE-R" with 25% service discount through my company.

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    Yup, ATT website still saying the 21st. So that's where to go now I guess for online pre-orders if you want it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurocivic View Post
    I preordered mine through the apple store app around 3:10 est. with no problem at all.
    Same here after trying several times on AT&T and apple I remembered to use the app lol although my cc was denied cuz of multiple charges at 3am I called my cc and my orders are now being processed and say will ship 9/21

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    Just finished ordering mine about 8:50am EST from AT&T. Ship date the 21st cant wait!

    estimated 5 days before the"can we jailbreak the iphone 5?" questions start flooding the threads.

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    Got mine at 3:30 ET, will be here the 21'st.

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    Just ordered mine from AT&T and it said 21st.
    8:30 CST

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    For those of you that used the iOS app to order your iPhone's... Do you remember filling out rate plan info? I don't. Please, did I breeze past something?

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    I pre-order my iPhone 5 right when the site came up cause it was down for almost 40 mins before pre-order, and it only took me 10 min to be done, and I have to wait 2 weeks. WTF .

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    I was trying to do mine on the apple site for about 2 min and then thought about the apple store app. Went through like a charm. Was done within 5 min... Got a email instantly after placing my order saying will deliver on the 21st

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    Verizon just backordered the white and black 64's

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDragonAn View Post
    I pre-order my iPhone 5 right when the site came up cause it was down for almost 40 mins before pre-order, and it only took me 10 min to be done, and I have to wait 2 weeks. WTF .
    I feel your pain.I was up at 1:40am central @ 2:00am exactly I was trying to order through the apple store app, but had no way of choosing a gift card as payment, so had to wait an extra 4 min to get into the actual site, got into theire order and payment process and noticed that they would not ship to a different address then the one attached to your att account, so I then had to log into att and update my address since i have recently moved, once that was finished completed the process through apple and got an email at 3:10am central time that it will be a two week wait. maybe they will ship early and this was just a percausion that apple was taking so they didn't have a bunch of pissed off people come the 21'st

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    For those of you that used the iOS app to order your iPhone's... Do you remember filling out rate plan info? I don't. Please, did I breeze past something?
    Mine rate plan was there I just pick the one I had on there. It had mine and a couple other options to pick from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingchkn View Post
    I hopped on Verizon around 3:45 EST, ordered, got confirm of the 21st, went back to sleep. Though I just tried checking the status of the order and Verizon says it's not in the system. I am just hoping that's from the overload.
    Yep, same thing with me. I ordered at about the same time you did with Verizon and had no problems but getting the same message this morning when checking the status.

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