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Thread: South Korean Court Bans Both Apple and Samsung Products

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    They only hurt the consumers in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scroogelives View Post
    I see this a bigger loss for samsung than apple! As you say it's their home market and a loyal market at that!
    Don't forget that it is highly likely Apple will be (or already have) looking for other companies to supply parts for their devices. Those are huge contracts. Samsung made more money selling parts to Apple then them selling their own phones. Even if Samsung wins, they still lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by z6joker9 View Post
    Um, South Korea is a big market. Twice as many cell phones in use as Canada. Very technology forward. Not to mention Samsung's home country.
    Not as big a market for apple whose focusing on China.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H4CK3R View Post
    And why are you happy about that?
    He's probably paid by Samsung to spam this thread with useless comments.

    On a side note, this is like pocket change for the two companies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    He's probably paid by Samsung to spam this thread with useless comments.

    On a side note, this is like pocket change for the two companies.
    Seems like we have lots of trolls in the news threads nowadays...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
    This is a great outcome. Pity the fines are so low. But in the end Apple pay Samsung more. Apple lose! About time we have a good ending story
    Sorry to disappoint you once again, but Samsung is paying $22,000 and Apple is paying $17,650 (read the source article). According to your logic, Samsung loses. In my mind, everyone loses.

    In all seriousness, being that this is Samsung's home turf, this has got to be a major blow to them. Samsung must have really screwed up to get banned in their own country. The good news is that they can still sell washing machines.

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    Actually, I can't read. Apple is paying that amount for each infraction. My bad!

    Sorry Samsung, US courts weren't nearly as nice to you. Big win for Apple.
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    Does anyone know if an iPod Touch 5G will come out this year?

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    Yeah, I like this simple outcome.

    Now with this and the end of the "big one" here in the US, hopefully Apple and Samsung can get back to what they do best: making cool stuff.

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    the apple vs samsung issue is becoming a Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson break up - Sensational! lol

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    I am curious about whether part of the reason there is more traction in the US is because there is a larger gap in technology adoption amongst those over 40-50, and if due to this the claims that it would be easy to confuse the devices seem more substantive? I am not sure how anyone under these ages could look at one of these products, and not have their first thought be, oh what product is this, let me look for tell tale signs to differentiate it. Apple logo, oh, iPad. And that is if we assume they don't know them by sight. It does seem like something someone my mother's age might be confused by though. They are both rectangles that show you photos and email. Well how am I supposed to know which is which, they are both rectangles. Does anyone know if there were similar lawsuits when cars came out? They both have four wheels etc, how can you tell the difference?

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