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Thread: iOS 6 Will Auto-Scale for Upcoming Taller iPhone Display

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoV View Post
    I think you nailed it... I'm pretty sure that's where most of the "disappointment" stemmed from with regards to the 4S.
    "They say that if it works, don't fix it". Apple is efficiently adding one or two major physical/internal changes per new iPhone. It's just enough to have customers wanting to buy a new one each year. It's hard to debate that the iPhone 4 wasn't a near perfect phone; why does it have to change so drastically? Of course we all want it to look completely different and have laser beams attached to it, but if it's raking in this much dinero for Apple, why would they change it? It's not like Apple to falter.

    Despite my incoherent rant above, I agree with the majority that I would like a revamped iPhone. It just doesn't seem plausible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Ninja View Post
    I agree. Apple is making a bad move with this. They could take some ideas from Samsung and use the same size screen as their 4.8 inch screen lol. Or 4.6,4.5, or even 4.3. The SGS3 is looking better and better along with their new Galaxy Note 10.1 tab

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    Quote Originally Posted by docmagoo2 View Post
    When have apple ever dropped the ball with an idevice? (ahem, antenna gate) Why don't we just wait and see? If its crap and you dislike it, simple, don't get one.
    We are at a site that heavily covers rumors. Therefore, your question of "why not wait and see?" is ridiculous. If we wanted to wait and see, we wouldn't be here. Also, the fact that Apple has "never" dropped the ball on an idevice doesn't mean they never will. It's silly to think the iPhone will be around forever. Technology trends come and go, and Apple has had a tremendous ride with their iPhone. Not saying this is where they fall, by any means, but let's be just a little realistic here.
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    It will still sell millions and outsell other phone. Why people always have to compare to android ? If you want android go get one feel free, those that want a iPhone go get one. Big deal people it's all people choice. They talk a lot about android screen size better to browse the net, the most used mobile browser is safari so just leave people to their own choices.

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    Wow, this site is so overrun with Apple haters. They are truely the most pathetic people I ever encountered in any form. To go on a website specifically about Apple products just to crack stupid jokes and complain is the saddest thing I've ever seen

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    I'm not going to lie apple has perfect thumb reaching size I like a taller screen just cause it will be most useful to have a larger screen in movies and games which are usually sideways. And when viewing articles or web a taller screen is good because you only use swipe movements Up and down and you can see more. Mobile friendly browser apps Wont have to change with this screen size because it will just show more of the page. I just dont like playing infinity blade and having to hold it weird cause my hands over the speaker

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    Look at last year when all the parts were leaking and led everyone to believe the new iPhone would be slightly longer and wider with curved glass.. That never happened so maybe this stretched out iPhone won't happen either

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    Apple in the past few years is starting to remind me of Porsche and the 911. That isn't a bad comparison (or a "diss") by any means either.

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    Could it be possible that apple is making some sort of touch screen controller for their new tv's and thats what the longer displays are for....?

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    Nothing is final yet, don't take rumors for fact

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    Quote Originally Posted by nealh View Post
    Wow Apple seems to have dropped the ball. The taller screen is not much help. the width needs to change as well. the design is not much of change in looks.

    Big deal a taller screen seems just awkward to me. I dont get it, this makes so little sense. The newer rumored cpu, LTE etc will be nice but I just dont see screen size as much.

    Is it just me, just increasing the vertical without a horizontal dimension change makes no sense to me. Dang, I just cant come to grips with this.
    Well the typing will still be the same

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