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Thread: ILab Assembles iPhone 5 From Leaked Parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tario70 View Post
    The speaker is on the bottom, like it always has been. This is clear in both photos.

    All GSM iPhones have a SIM tray. On the 3GS it is on the top of the phone. On the 4 & 4S it is on the side of the phone, similar to these leaked pictures.

    Not sure what you're seeing...
    I meant to say ipod not iPhone..... becuase of the debate above. lol
    You must not know who i am with your comment lol....

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    Why are people crying around about the headphone jack so much? i would really like the answer haha. do people like the cable in the way of the screen? the auminum anodized backplate looks pretty slick and it'll be way more durable than glass. idk if this phone is too nice to put in a case or if it's beauty is worth a high dollar case to protect it. i really hope this is the iPhone 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foolish813 View Post
    The new iPhone will have nano sim technology. This fake has a micro sim tray.
    Duh. It said MOCKUP. Can't you read?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amadomon View Post
    Um, no. We called it the 3GS...and we call the "iphone 5" the 4S. Just to piss people off, I'm gonna start calling the "iphone 5" "Spiderman". Why do people get so worked up about the name?
    I don't know lol. But once "Spiderman" is released, and it's called the iPhone 5, maybe they will stop whining. We can only hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i.Annie View Post
    Well a lot of people thought the iPhone 4 was hideous when the first leak of the prototype surfaced, turns out a lot of people think it's a gorgeous looking phone now. I'm sure this will be the same, it'll grow on most of us if this is indeed the way it will look.
    You are so correct. Any how many people that are "complaining" about its' look use the phone w/o a case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SergeantMAC View Post
    Thing about it is, all of you saying the 19pin connector and design sucks, will still buy it. Because simply put; you're all talk and troll on a iDevice site.

    If you don't like certain things, great, but let's be honest, if you had any skill in design or engineering you wouldn't be trolling here.
    If this is the next iPhone, no way I'm buying it. Hate the headphone jack on the bottom. Looks no different than the 4/4S, other than color.
    I skipped the 4S as it was a waste to upgrade from the 4. Been waiting patiently for the next iPhone. If this is it...goodbye Apple it was fun while it lasted.
    If I can't mod it...I don't want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
    It's an iPhone 6...iPhone five was the 4S...why do everyone keep calling it the five? Nobody called the 3Gs the iPhone wtf?
    You will more piss off when apple call the next iPhone, iPhone 4S II.......

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    Ever since that rear panel 'leaked' I have been unable to believe that Apple would go with such a design. It looks *awful* with that two-tone back plate!!!

    Also, it isn't a very radical redesign from the iPhone 4/4S. It's just longer with a different, uglier back plate, a new dock connector/grille and a different border that connects it all. It's practically the same form factor as 4/4S just longer and with minor design changes. I expect a little more from Apple when the next iPhone is finally launched...or we see a working version a la Gizmodo 2010

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    I really don't see why people are whining about the headphone jack being moved. I find it incredibly annoying to use my iPhone 4 with headphones while charging since I have things sticking out of both ends of the phone. On top of that, what's the big deal of moving it to the bottom? Instead of the cable sticking out of the top of the phone, it sticks out of the bottom. BIG DEAL.

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    Reading this makes me laugh. People talk as of apple is a new coming company that happens to magically have billions of dollars. Come on please I'm not a apple fan boy I'm A technology addict and you know what just sold my galaxy s3 on eBay I just can't stand android simple but that's me after 6 months they start slowing down like crazy. Anyway I doubt apple will make such product, it might look similar but at the end of the day it will sell it will
    Be a simple and powerful product that will outsell htc and Samsung AGAIN. The graphics and speed on ios devices are good enough and at least even a 3GS gets a update to ios6 mm how many android devices got ice cream sandwich before a new one got thrown in the air again. LoL think people think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    I like this concept a lot, and happy to see new changes and design. The matte finish on back cover actually appeals to me. Apple fangal, yup, so I'd buy it if it looked like a Snickers candy bar, but that's me.
    I have never been disappointed by any of the overall design changes yet.
    We will all find out soon enough, till then, the rumor mill is running at light speed as it always does, how fun.

    And your reasoning is....?
    The new dock connector may not kill them but it's gonna piss off lots of people who have many dollars spent on docks & accessories like myself. I can only assume someone will produce an adapter but that may not work with many docking stations. Gonna piss off manufacturers too. They will have to produce two types of products to keep everyone happy. At least for a few more years till the majority upgrade to the new style connector. iPad people will be hit the hardest as you tend to hold onto an iPad longer than an iPhone.
    How will Europe handle this? Don't they require a standardized plug there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yearoftherat View Post
    God thats ugly. If rumors are true and Apple decides to change the 30pin connector to the smaller one, they just killed themselves.
    Highly doubt that. The number of Apple fanboys/girls out numbers the amount of educated apple enthusiasts. Those who are educated know, IOS 6 was a FAIL and releasing another phone with the same form factor only with a disproportionately larger screen and new pin connector, would be utterly retarded for the tech community. But as it is Apple's sales will not be effected due to the serious lack of Educated Apple enthusiasts and an Enormously large Fanboy/girl base who buy the phone just because its an Apple iPhone 5.

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    I don't know if this is a good point or not, but the front of that screen looks grey like the 3G or non retina screen. My iPhone 4S has a pitch black screen, which shows the quality. What do you guys think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feidhlim1986 View Post
    You were doing so good, but alas you're back to your usual self.
    Pity. I was starting to like you. But alas, you've gone and ruined it by being so rude to me.

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    I think it's not an actual working phone but a mock-up made of available parts (as clearly stated in the article's title). The screen isn't even actually attached as it will be in the final product, it has no digitizer but is simply the front glass sitting on top of the frame with something under it to support it. That's what I and every other thinking person thinks (sorry you were left out of that group.)

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    I think it looks pretty nice. 16:9 screen? Yes please, FINALLY if it's true! I also carry my phone in my front pants pocket, upside down, so that my thumb is near the home button when I pull it out of my pocket. So having the headphone jack on the bottom means I can still carry it upside down with a headphone cord coming straight out.

    Different dock connector? Big deal, if it really is changing, everyone is already making adapters and new components. Worst for me is I'd have to get a new cord for my Pioneer car stereo, and I'm sure they're already making that.

    I'd be willing to bet almost everyone saying "If this is the new iPhone then I'm done with Apple" blah blah blah will all be one of the first in line to buy the new one. You watch and see.

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    I think it looks really good. I'll definitely be getting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous View Post
    i do not want the earphone at the bottom.
    yes you do!! If apple says you want it you really want it you haven't realize it yet.

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    Design wise it might be the iPhone 5 but things like the color and such are probably different. Since when has a "leaked" or purported iPhone picture ever looked exactly like the final product???

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    they should seek similar design to the iPhone 3G/3Gs's curved design. Replace the plastic band and volume controls with metal like the iphone 4's, add the improved cameras and internal hardware (cpu, storage etc..). and make it thinner than the 3G/S of course but i always thought the 3G/S's were the most comfortable to hold.

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    yep, i find the newly leaked glass lens here, it is the same as your picture.

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