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Thread: Best Tweaks of the Week 7/9 - 7/15

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    Default Best Tweaks of the Week 7/9 - 7/15

    Here are the best jailbreak creations for the week of July 9th until today, July 15th as per the opinion of our staff. This is a weekly recap.

    1. Check - FREE

    Check is a great new jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Joshua Tucker and iKy1e. The tweak allows you to easily select more than one of your e-mails from the inbox without having to select each and every one of them individually. The tweak allows you to hold down on a message for a couple of seconds and then tap on another e-mail message to select every e-mail between the two e-mails you selected. For heavy-duty e-mail users the tweak is essential because is drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to delete e-mails from your inbox.

    2. TimeSpeak - FREE

    TimeSpeak is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Mathieu Bolard that allows you to have the date and time spoken to you by invoking an Activator action. The tweak is useful for people that can’t see well as it tells you a lot of information with a simple action of your choice including the day, date, month, year, and time with seconds. You also have the option to change to 24 hour time instead of the default 12 hour time. It’s also great for hearing the time in the middle of a Bluetooth phone call or if you just want the satisfaction of hearing Siri's voice tell you the date and time.

    3. NetMeterWidget for NC - FREE

    NetMeterWidget for NC is a new free jailbreak widget by iOS developer Fairylabs. The widget shows you your Internet usage for both Wi-Fi and also cellular data. The widget will show you your live download speed in real time as well. It’s great for keeping tabs on your capped cellular data plans, however it can also be used for curious minds that want to know more about the data they are using. The widget comes with an application that goes into more detail and allows you to set your own capped data amount.

    4. Underachiever - 99

    Underachiver is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Ingmar Stein. The tweak allows you to reset your Game Center achievements for specific games so that you will have the ability to replay those relatively short iOS games without feeling like you haven’t earned anything. It’s also great for those Overachiever users that want to start fresh with the opportunity to actually earn the achievements instead of cheating and unlocking them all with no effort. It is a little pricey for what it does, but having to replay games on iOS and feeling like you aren't earning anything is a whole different feeling than when you actually do earn something.

    Stay tuned for next week's best tweaks - only on ModMyi!

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    Net meter seems pretty cool gonna try that one out.

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    It isn't to bad, few small complaintes but oh well..

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    Not quite sure why one would pay for under achiever...

    secret moderator... Please hit that THANKS button over there if I helped you in any single way

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPod View Post
    Not quite sure why one would pay for under achiever...
    The fun and joy of achieving the achievements all over again. My step dad does the same thing on Xbox, I don't understand it either.

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