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Thread: 'Clips' Is A Better Clipboard Manager for iOS

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    Default 'Clips' Is A Better Clipboard Manager for iOS

    Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to copy and paste multiple separated excerpts from different applications or sources, but didn’t want to go through the cumbersome process of switching between iOS applications to copy and paste each individual part? A new jailbreak tweak dubbed Clips by iOS developer Samball has been released into the BigBoss repository of Cydia today to fix this problem.

    So what does Clips do? It offers you a better clipboard solution in iOS. Normally, you can only have one object in your clipboard at a time. As soon as you cut or copy something right after cutting or copying another object, the original object is overwritten with the new object that you cut or copy. With Clips, you can have multiple objects in your clipboard and then paste them into another field in whatever order you would like to – all with switching between applications no more than one time.

    Clips relies on Action Menu to work. It adds two new buttons to the Action Menu popup – iCopy and iPaste – or they could be icons if you choose to have icons enabled form Action Menu. In our example, we left Action Menu on the text setting. Clips doesn’t replace your clipboard completely, so your regular copy and paste buttons still remain in the Action Menu popup. After you select something and tap on iCopy, you can pull up the Action Menu popup once more and tap on iPaste to bring up the Clips user interface, which is shown below:

    The interface for Clips is intuitive. It shows you the application the object was copied from, the date and time it was copied, the amount of objects in your Clips clipboard, and the ability to swipe left and right to switch between the objects in your clipboard. Tapping on the action button on the left will paste the object wherever you pulled up Action Menu from. Tapping on the double arrow brings up a ribbon with two more buttons – a delete button and a settings button. Tapping on the delete button deletes the copied item from the clipboard and tapping on the settings button brings up the following options:

    What’s interesting is that the options are built into the Clips interface and not from a preferences pane in the Settings application. The options are very simple and include the ability to link your Dropbox account, delete all your clipboard contents, clear your icon cache, or toggle a theme.

    Clips works with more than just text, as it’s also compatible with things like photos. You will find a shortcut to Clips in numerous action button menus for objects capable of being copied – like photographs in the Photos application as shown above. If you copy an image, the Clips interface will even include the dimensions of the image right next to the date and time that you copied it.

    The developer promises that a PC version of Clips is coming soon so that you will be able to share your clipboard between devices. Clips is not yet compatible with the iPad – only the iPod touch and iPhone running iOS 5.1 or newer at this point. Clips works with text, HTML, and images and it’s ideal for creating e-mails that need a lot of pasted information from numerous sources.

    When saving the time is the way to go and you're fed up with all the unnecessary multitasking between applications Apple makes you do to simply copy and paste individual elements, then Clips is something you have to try to appreciate.

    Name: Clips
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 0.13
    Requirements: iOS 5.1, iPhone or iPod touch
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Samball
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: Cydia
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    Android ha something similar built in. Or at least my old galaxy s2 did. Was a very useful thing to have.

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    i wonder how many native features of android are jailbreak features for the iphone. 10? 11? i also wonder if apple is taking note of this or if it even cares.

    btw, this app seems a bit too busy.

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    Default video on youtube
    Quote Originally Posted by hank197857 View Post
    btw, this app seems a bit too busy.
    Actually, it's not that busy, it only covers the keyboard. have a look:
    Clips, new cydia tweak for capturing clipboard and sharing it with your computer - YouTube

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    no 5.0.1 for us ip4 folk with spire :"(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samball View Post
    Actually, it's not that busy, it only covers the keyboard. have a look:
    Clips, new cydia tweak for capturing clipboard and sharing it with your computer - YouTube
    I have clips and I love it, but I have a question...I noticed that it said on the most recent update that you no longer had to have the desktop client to sync between devices because it now had an option export to Text or HTML, but when I choose either of those options nothing there something I'm doing wrong?

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    I'll look into it.

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