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Thread: 'FoldMusic' Allows You to Make Home Screen Playlist Folders

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    Default 'FoldMusic' Allows You to Make Home Screen Playlist Folders!

    If you own an iOS device and one of your biggest hobbies is listening to music on it, then you will probably like this new jailbreak tweak! It’s called FoldLock by iOS developer Ariel Aouizerate and with it you can make folders on your home screen that contain separate playlists of your music from your iOS device’s stock Music application.

    With FoldMusic, creating easy-to-access music playlists has never been easier. The folders that contain your Music come with internal music controls including a volume slider, forward and back buttons, and play and pause buttons. A folder can be made for every playlist and album on your iOS device. The tweak only works with the stock Music application, so it will draw its music and playlist or album information from that application and not third party music applications like Spotify. You can delete any of the playlists from your home screen that you want to, so clutter-control is completely at your disposal. The music controls are opened up in an Action Menu-like popup bubble by tapping on their corresponding icons and are shown below:

    After installing FoldMusic, you will also find yourself with a preferences pane in the Settings application that allows you to create these home screen playlist folders. Tapping on the plus button will allow you to create new folders. Tapping on the individual playlists will give you the ability to set your own custom folder name or delete the playlists on demand. You can also edit the content of every playlist folder so it has the songs you want to listen to. All of the options you can configure are shown to you below:

    Even if you only create one good folder of music for your home screen instead of having many, FoldMusic lets you get to your music faster with a creative way of accessing it. FoldLock is currently only iPhone and iPod touch compatible, so iPad owners will be left out. It does require iOS 5 to use.

    The developer will be releasing an updated version soon with some minor bug fixes, but he also plans to add support for Spotify playlists and YouTube playlists in the future. The new features to come should make the tweak a great option for people that love music.

    Name: FoldMusic
    Price: $1.50
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Ariel Aouizerate
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: Ariel Aouizerate

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    Zombie by The Cranberries again?

    A music rut like me Anthony hooray!

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    Doesnt work with Folderenhancer. I paid for it already and it wasnt working. I uninstalled Folderenhancer and it worked.

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    This seems like a well thought out, practical application. What gives?

    *fix the FolderEnhancer issue ASAP.

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    I was going to get it but Folder Enhancer is a tweak that I can't give up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teej1410 View Post
    I was going to get it but Folder Enhancer is a tweak that I can't give up.
    Agree get them both working and I'm in. Sounds like a great tweak

    I wish I had a miniature elephant that fit in the palm of my hand. I would pick him up and he'd lift up his trunk and stand on his back legs and say PRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH and I would say yes little elephant i love you too.

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    The problem with multiple tweaks is always compatibility. Amazing looking tweak if you don't need folder enhancer like me. ^_^

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    I can't seem to get it to work. I don't have Folder Enhancer. Maybe another tweak is the issue, i'll likely take the time this evening to figure it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trek-life View Post
    I can't seem to get it to work. I don't have Folder Enhancer. Maybe another tweak is the issue, i'll likely take the time this evening to figure it out.

    I can't get it to work either. The only other folder tweak I use is InfiniFolders. I'll try removing it and trying it again.....

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    I cant get this to work

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    Just installed the latest update v1.1.1, and this works for me now. Awesome!!!

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    What's with the dates on this site? It's saying it's 2012.

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