iOS 6 Beta 2 was released to developers today as we reported just hours ago. As we promised, here are some of the new things we've caught in the new iOS 6 Beta 2 build – six things, plus two, (to celebrate iOS 6 Beta 2) to be exact.

1. Apple Tweaked Passbook A Little Bit

The new application that ships stock with iOS 6, Passbook, has been updated to be a little more specific on its details. It’s not a major change, but noticeable. Being more specific was probably a good move by Apple since the application is new and people need to understand what it does and how to use it.

2. Twitter Icon Updated Universally

Twitter’s own icon has been changed, showing us a Twitter bird that is rotated a few degrees counter-clockwise. Apple appears to have universally changed the icon to match Twitter’s new icon. Unfortunately, Twitter still has yet to update their own application icon to go along nicely with these changes in iOS 6 Beta 2. Interestingly enough, the change now makes the new iOS 5 jailbreak widget that we showed you even more realistic-looking.

3. The Keyboard No Longer Skips Keyboard Clicks

In iOS 6 Beta 1, the keyboard would skip keyboard click sounds as you typed while typing at a steady, fast pace. This small bug has been fixed in iOS 6 Beta 2, bringing a more fluid typing experience to your fingertips.

4. The Calendar Now Shows End Times From Notification Center

In iOS 6 Beta 1, if you set a Calendar event and it showed up in Notification Center, all it would show you is when the event started. With iOS 6 Beta 2, Notification Center shows you not only when the event starts, but also when it ends. This is a nice little touch because it gives you more information than before.

5. Apple Re-introduces the 3G Toggle

In iOS 6 Beta 1, Apple seemed to have dismissed the 3G toggle from the operating system. It was a depressing choice since 3G uses more battery than 2G (Edge), but with iOS 6 Beta 2, Apple seems to have brought the toggle back. This is a great decision for users since it gives us more control over our battery.

6. The FaceTime Preferences Pane No Longer Crashes

In iOS 6 Beta 1, the Settings application would just freeze and crash when you tried opening the FaceTime preferences pane. With iOS 6 Beta 2, you can now harmlessly open the FaceTime preferences pane and change around your FaceTime options.

7. Guided Access Now Enabled

Guided Access is a cool new feature by Apple that ships with iOS 6. It is now enabled in iOS 6 Beta 2. You can enable it from the Accessibility preferences pane where you will be asked to set a pass code for enabling and disabling it. You can enable Guided Access from within any application and disable it by performing the triple-click home once more and then entering your pass code.

8. Guided Access Integrates With Triple Click Home

If you remember that you could triple-click your home button to bring up an “ask” menu that asked you if you wanted to turn on white on black or VoiceOver, then you will now find that interface to be a little different. It no longer offers you the ability to ‘ask’ what you want to do. Instead, Guided Access will be enabled by default (if you have it turned on) and selecting anything else in the list will start creating a custom ‘ask’ menu. Now, the next time you triple-click the home button, you will be asked if you want to perform any of the actions you have selected from the list – including guided access.

For now, this is all we have found. If we find anything new, you will find it right here on ModMyi!