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Thread: Three Kickstarter Projects to Help Kickstart

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    Default Three Kickstarter Projects to Help Kickstart

    Hone: Never lose your keys again

    Pledge Goal: $46,000
    Amount Raised: $42,871
    Days To Go: 25

    I lose my keys. Frequently. To make matters worse I only have a single set after replacing my ignition box. Hone, designed by Geoffrey Litwack, makes finding your keys a breeze. Attach the Hone Bluetooth tracking device to your key chain, download the app, launch the app and start walking around until you find your keys. Hone beeps, and flashes making it impossible to miss, but in case you somehow do Hone has a built-in proximity sensor so you know how far you are away.

    Trygger Camera Case: iPhone4/4S Polarizing Filter Case

    Pledge Goal $25,000
    Amount Raised: $44,368
    Days To Go: 10

    Photo buffs out there know how important different types of filters can be while shooting photos, especially in natural light. But, the iPhone isn’t a DSLR, and doesn’t have threading at the end of a lens barrel for the easy attachment of filters. Trygger’s case solves the problem by adding a color neutral polarizing filter to the back of the case. The filter is adjustable as well, allowing the shooter to adjust how much light is let through. Definitely a must have for the iPhone photo enthusiasts. They’ve already met their goal, but Kickstarter backers get $10 of the case retail price.

    modulR: A whole new iPad experience

    Pledge Goal: $10,000
    Amount Raised: $8,285
    Days To Go: 28

    Reading through this Kickstarter page was an experience. Normally funding is dedicated to a single product, but modulR is a Slim Case, Tough Case, Cover Stand, Hand Strap, Swing Mount, Wall Mount, Shoulder Strap Pro, Car Headrest Strap and I’m pretty sure I probably missed something. Obviously all of these things make up the modulR system and can be attained individually through varying pledge amounts. Still, the system appears to make displaying, and using the iPad in work environments more practical.
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    If you lose your iPhone, can you use your keys to find it?

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    Good question
    pain & time and glory

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    Quote Originally Posted by feidhlim1986 View Post
    If you lose your iPhone, can you use your keys to find it?
    Lmao Good Question

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    The hone one must be more about advertising then needing money, his sister is a celebrity and she cant front the dude 46k?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BioFUSION View Post
    The hone one must be more about advertising then needing money, his sister is a celebrity and she cant front the dude 46k?

    Seriously she's starred in Sex and the city the 40 year old virgin , i am pretty sure she could front him 45k

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    love the polarization lense case i will definitely buy especially for 10 bucks i would spend 20-30 on that.

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    She's certainly come a long That video was not that good. Great idea though! I'll probably pledge some keesh.

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    Nice but slight overkill. Have they seen:
    Loc8tor Tracking Devices, GPS Tracking Devices and Homing Devices
    No iphone app but cheaper

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    Look up the Vavo Universal Stand. Must have for iPhone owners IMO. And I just pledged the super super awesome TakTik case after reading your article on it. I loooooove me some Kickstarter!

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    Chic in the vid is hot I'd hit it


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    googled Kat and ended up watching her nudes... not bad at all

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    Keys are becoming more expensive even for non-luxury cars. my neighbor just got a new Chevy sonic. And that car has the flip out key with all the locking and other b
    Push button features on the key itself. No little companion button device for the keychain. 300$ and some change for replacement. makes no sense to put on economy cars.

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