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Thread: 'VoiceTweet' Allows You to Tweet Using Your Proximity Sensor

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    Default 'VoiceTweet' Allows You to Tweet Using Your Proximity Sensor

    The proximity sensor is an important part of the iPhone that many people forget about. What the proximity sensor allows the iPhone to do is detect when it is close to your face by using infrared technology to make a quick measurement. If it is close to your face, the iPhone’s screen will go black while you are on a phone call – you have probably noticed this and many people assume it is technology from within the accelerometer and gyroscope.

    This new free jailbreak tweak, dubbed VoiceTweet by iOS developer NobitaZZZ, allows you to make a Tweet to Twitter using a combination of your microphone and the proximity sensor. When you are not in a phone call and the proximity sensor senses that your iPhone is close to your face, the tweak will allow you to speak into the microphone and whatever you say will be Tweeted and appear on Twitter in a short amount of time. It also appears to take the device's orientation in space into consideration so that the infrared sensor is not on 100% of the time – only when it is held the way you would hold it if you were speaking into the phone.

    VoiceTweet makes Tweeting easier because you don’t have to type out your Tweet and you can just voice it out instead. Additionally, Siri is not needed to use VoiceTweet, so you can even use this free jailbreak tweak if you don’t have Siri on your device. You do need to have iOS 5 running on your iPhone because the tweak taps into your Twitter account using iOS 5’s Twitter integration. This means you do have to sign into Twitter from the Twitter preferences pane in the Settings application.

    If you’re a Twitter addict with an iPhone and you think that using your voice could be easier than typing everything out, then give this free jailbreak tweak a try!

    Name: VoiceTweet
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 5, iPhone
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer NobitaZZZ
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: Cydia
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    If I tweeted this would be great. Is there a way that someone can make a tweak to let Siri be implemented the same way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevorrawson View Post
    If I tweeted this would be great. Is there a way that someone can make a tweak to let Siri be implemented the same way?
    Um... Apple already has. iPhone 4S has a Siri-specific proximity sensor | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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    having Siri tweet and post to facebook is included in iOS6 so if you have siri you will have this feature come fall if you chose to upgrade

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    Not entirely sure it's working for me.. I'm on 5.0.1, disabled Siri Raise to Speak in settings, but when I raise my phone the beezy still pops up.. Is that how it's supposed to be? Siri then posts a tweet then crashes springboard -___- gonna uninstall for now...

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    Only if the damn proximity sensor works on my iPhone 4.

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