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Thread: Add Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts to Mobile Safari With 'BT Brevis'

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    Default Add Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts to Mobile Safari With 'BT Brevis'

    Joining Cydia today is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed BT Brevis, by iOS developer Itay Brenner. For just $1.99, you can add Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts to Mobile Safari on any iOS device – iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad (requires iOS 4 or newer). The Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t come with the jailbreak tweak… you will have to purchase one on your own and configure it with your iOS device before downloading BT Brevis.

    You can configure BT Brevis’ options from the preferences pane that is placed in the Settings application after installation. You can see the preferences pane below:

    The first things you see right off the bat are two switches. The first one allows the tweak to discern whether you are using a Windows-styled Bluetooth keyboard or a Mac-styled Bluetooth keyboard. Obviously, the Mac-style keyboard is going to look differently since it has Command and Option keys. If you are using a Mac-style keyboard you will need to enable the first switch. If you are using a Windows-style keyboard, you need not enable the first switch.

    The second switch is an option allowing you to quickly launch Mobile Safari from anywhere – if you are using a Mac-style keyboard, just press Command + E to launch Mobile Safari. If you are using a Windows-style keyboard, just press Windows + E to launch Mobile Safari. You can open Safari from within any application using this shortcut as long as your Bluetooth keyboard is connected. You can enable or disable this feature whenever you want to, but it could be useful for easier multitasking when you are researching in Safari and writing a paper in Apple’s Pages application.

    Below the switches are text fields, which have Web site URLs in them. These are nine bookmarks you can use with BT Brevis. You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate to any of these nine Web sites. If you leave these fields blank, the grayed out URL is the URL that the tweak will send you to. If you type something else in, that will overwrite the tweak’s preferences. You can navigate to any of these nine Web sites by pressing Control + (bookmark number of the site you want to visit) on a Windows-style keyboard, or Command + (bookmark number of the site you want to visit) on a Mac-style keyboard. The default Web sites are:
    • Bookmark 1: Google
    • Bookmark 2: Facebook
    • Bookmark 3: Twitter
    • Bookmark 4: Wikipedia
    • Bookmark 5: WolframAlpha
    • Bookmark 6: YouTube
    • Bookmark 7: Apple
    • Bookmark 8: BBC
    • Bookmark 9: CNN

    The last feature of BT Brevis are the navigation keyboard shortcuts – this is also probably the coolest feature of the tweak, making your iOS device in its native Mobile Safari browser feel just like a personal computer with a real keyboard. Below is a representation of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use with your Bluetooth keyboard in Mobile Safari using BT Brevis:

    BT Brevis is pretty cool, bringing us some new controls if we have the tools to use them. If you use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iOS device, this is definitely a tweak worth taking a look at as it will allow you to get things done more quickly by treating your mobile device more like your home personal computer. Check it out!

    Name: BT Brevis
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 4+, Bluetooth keyboard
    Repo: Bigboss
    Developer: Itay Brenner
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: Itay Brenner
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    'Bee Keyboard' seems like a much better option for adding shortcuts to a keyboard. It was just released today btw

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