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Thread: If You Miss LiveClock, 'Clockify' Will Bring You Déjà Vu and More!

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    Default If You Miss LiveClock, 'Clockify' Will Bring You Déjà Vu and More!

    Unfortunately LiveClock, the tweak that animated your Clock application to display the real time, never did see an update for iOS 5. However, with a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Clockify, by iOS developer Nikos Lykousas, you can get this functionality back on iOS 5 with much more than LiveClock ever did offer.

    Clockify brings the same wonderful animated clock effect right to your home screen, by making your Clock application display the same time that you see in your status bar. The second hand, minute hand, and hour hand all move in real time to give you a realistic clock effect.

    In addition to animating the stock iOS Clock application icon, Clockify also adds two great new widgets to the operating system. The first widget is on the lock screen, which is normally just a digital clock. Clockify replaces the digital clock with an analog clock that matches the style of the Clock application, but also displays the time digitally right next to the analog clock style. The second widget is the same as the first, but is optional to have in the Notification Center. You can see the widgets below:

    After you launch the Settings application when you finish installing Clockify, you will find a preferences pane:

    From the preferences pane, you can enable and disable the animated Clock application icon on demand, or change the style of the Clock application icon to any of the following styles:
    • Default
    • Always Day
    • Always Night
    • No Background
    • Alternative

    Additionally, you can enable and disable the lock screen clock widget on demand and you can choose to change it between any of the following modes:
    • Local Time
    • Local Time + World Clock
    • World Clock

    Last but not least, you will find the option to change the Notification Center widget height from the default 92 pixel height to the stock Apple-sized height of 71 pixels. The 92 pixel height means that you will have a larger clock in the widget, but the 71 pixel height means that the widget will be the same height as the Stock and Weather widgets, giving it a more native feel. You can additionally change the Notification Center widget clock between any of the following modes:
    • Local Time
    • Local Time + World Clock
    • World Clock

    Clockify works in full with Dashboard X and IntelliScreenX. If you were wondering, Clockify was made to run on the iPhone and iPod touch and will not work on the iPad. It does require iOS 5 to be installed – iOS 4 users can still use LiveClock as an alternative.

    Having the live Clock application icon is a beautiful addition to iOS because it’s a small aesthetic feature that adds to the precise detailing that Apple is known for. For just a buck, you can’t really go wrong with this tweak. For all the wonderful new changes that Clockify brings to your iOS device, it is certainly worth the download. Additionally, you can enable only your favorite features of the tweak and disable the ones that you don’t like as much. Thanks to the flexibility of the preferences pane, there are a lot of different options to make many different users happy.

    Name: Clockify
    Price: $1
    Version: 1.0.0
    Requirements: iOS 5, iPhone or iPod touch
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Nikos Lykousas
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Sources: Nikos Lykousas
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