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Thread: What iOS 6 Borrowed From the Jailbreak Community

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    you say they "borrowed" from Jailbreakers.
    If it were the other way around, Apple would call the Jailbreakers thieves, "stealing" from them.
    I'm glad they're adopting new features. But they're doing exactly what what they're accusing Samsung of doing: They're stealing other peoples inventions and selling them as their own. This dissappoints me. They should pay the Jailbreak developers for licenses or at least donate an appropriate amount for charity.

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    I kind of agree with what you're saying, but nomatter how apple upgrade iOS, the chances are somebody in the jailbreak community will have come up with the idea first no matter whether somebody at apple has seen it or not. So realistically if apple didn't use features that were 'stolen from the jailbreak community' then they would never improve the OS significanlty enough for anybody to care.

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    ^^^^what He Said^^^^

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    If the developer didn't go thru the tedious process of patenting and copyrighting, then they have no ground to stand on when apple "borrows" their ideas. Apple can use the existing jailbreak app as a design base, and design their own version to mimic the functionality of the JB app. Just because you put something out there on the 'net, doesn't mean it's protected. And if they did go thru the patent/copyright process, apple will most likely still develop off of their app as a design base. The reality is, apple enjoys the luxury of fishing in the JB waters for tasty morsels to include in their next release, and there's not much the developers can do about it.

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    Apple should just hire all the devs of the jb community and have them work on iOS. Jailbreaking and the biggest concern of piracy would likely not be an issue then, since all the things we jailbreakers want would be integrated into native iOS. But instead they fight this battle against jb and take jb ideas...

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