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Thread: [Review] Dater - Add More Photograph Information to iOS

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    Default [Review] Dater - Add More Photograph Information to iOS

    iOS has a great photo viewer application, however it misses a very simple and practical feature – the ability to see when photographs were taken. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed Dater by iOS developer IanP will allow you to see the date and time when a photograph was taken right under the photographs as you scroll through them all from your Camera Roll as shown by the screenshot above.

    The tweak is not a necessity, however it can be found useful by many people. Unfortunately, it's subject to opinion as some people could care less when their pictures are taken. Seeing the date and time of when a photograph was taken can help jog memories in certain situations. It’s always great to have the option to time stamp photos since you can remind yourself when and where they were taken. Another good reason to download it is because the iPhone doesn't do it already.

    Apart from the white date and time text that appears under the photograph, the tweak also comes with another hidden surprise – the ability to hold down on the photograph to pull up an Action Menu-like shortcut that can be tapped to load up information about the image. The information prompt shows you the file size, when the picture was created, when the picture was last modified, the dimensions of the picture, and even the location which it was taken. You will notice that the white date and time text un-bolds itself when the prompt is active on the screen.

    The time the picture was created is when it was taken, the last time the picture was modified would refer to the iOS 5 in-application editing features and the last time it was edited.

    It’s also important to note that these time stamps will not appear from the Camera Roll in the Camera application. The only way you will see the dates is to view the Camera Roll from the Photos application. This could come across as a problem for some, since the convenience of using the in-Camera-application Camera Roll is preferred over having to launch a separate application.

    Dater doesn’t come with any options to configure in the Settings application and the tweak is enabled as soon as you respring your iOS device after installation. The only way to discontinue the time stamp effect is to uninstall the tweak.

    Name: Dater
    Version: 1.0.0
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: IanP
    Editor's Rating:  3/5

    Sources: Cydia
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    If anyone gets this, I'd really like to know if one can edit the timestamp on your photos.

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    Perfect for those psychotic girlfriends out there.

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    While this could be extremely helpful. I just can't see myself paying $.99 to remember when I took my pictures. And you can already see where you took pictures at if you click 'places' at the bottom of the camera roll.
    Still a cool idea though.

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    I've had many times where I needed to know when a particular picture was taken. My best friend lost his left leg, and I take him to a wound care center 3 times a week. I take pictures to document the progression of the wound healing process. The only way (without this tweak) to see when a pic was taken is to copy them to my laptop and then look at the date/time stamp. I've always thought it was stupid that Apple doesn't include date/time info, but they have the "places" tab, which I never use. I'll probably buy this just so I can have the ability to pull up the date/time stamps at the doctor's office.

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    Does it pull up the dates for previous photos taken before the tweak was installed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitekksteff View Post
    Does it pull up the dates for previous photos taken before the tweak was installed?
    Yes - it displays dates for all your photos.

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    Very helpful tweaks
    The only negative side is that the info bar won't disappear when going to fullscreen mode (when you touch the photo so that status bar and other navigation fade out. Though it disappears when you zoom in the photo anyway

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