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Thread: In-App Purchases Class Action Law Suit Allowed to Proceed

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoEtikly View Post
    my 5 year old uses my iPhone but when he does I activate app locker and then the ONLY folder and apps he can access is the one I designated for his little learning and game apps. If the games has in app purchases then don't let your kid play that app.

    Poor kid

    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    Another classic case of bad parents blaming everyone else for their bad parenting. Teach your damn kids not to spend your money. If you can't, don't buy them an iPod/iPhone. It's literally that simple. This is like suing the teclo for chargin you for text, data, and minutes overages. Ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipodtouchman77 View Post
    Well technically if it's in the terms and conditions, and you agree to them, you don't really have the right to sue...right?
    Not right.

    The court can invalidate the term if she sees them as unreasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtthk View Post
    Not right.

    The court can invalidate the term if she sees them as unreasonable.
    Ah ok

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    This happened to me...I downloaded a free app for my kids. Then inside the game you can purchase these gems that charge your account. I felt scammed.

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    Default iOS Devices and In-App Purchases
    Go To Settings:
    Go To General:
    Go To Restrictions:
    Go Down To In-App Purchases: Select Toggle Switch to Turn the option off...

    No More In App Purchases Can Be Made

    I have 4 kids and the best way to avoid In-App Purchases is to stop them upfront! Apple gives the parent/owner complete control over what others can spend. The Only way to change this option is to know the separate pass-code for change the restrictions. I think in a lot of ways you cant blame the system you have to blame the owner who doesn't understand how to use the iOS parental controls to fix their issues. The larger problem is parents openly give their password to iTunes to their Kids instead of monitoring what is being downloaded..

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    Just some more a-holes trying to milk the Apple cash cow.

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